Gourmet Ireland
Gourmet Ireland 2

As seen on Public Television...

By Paul and Jeanne Rankin

Gourmet Ireland  
Thanks to the new public television series Gourmet Ireland, American audiences are discovering an imaginative, modern cuisine based on the fresh, green flavors of Ireland. Serving with infectious enthusiasm as guides are Paul and Jeanne Rankin, long known in Europe as Ireland's most talented chefs.

Drawing on their culinary training in Europe, Hong Kong, and San Francisco, the Rankins have created recipes that are elegant, approachable, and most of all delicious. The stars of their recipes are the fine smoked salmon, colorful "boutique" potatoes, wholesome farm-raised game, and exquisite orchard fruits and berries of Ireland's lush countryside. The Rankins' tireless search for fresh and flavorful ingredients produces exciting, modern interpretations of traditional Irish cooking, seasoned with the best of contemporary cuisine.

Gourmet Ireland presents tanta1izing creations such as Warm Game Tart with Roast Winter Vegetables and Green Peppercorns, or Gratin of Trout with Cucumber Ribbons and Dill. From Asparagus and Mushroom Bruschetta to Blackberry Fool, few readers or viewers will be able to resist trying their hand at these utterly satisfying dishes.

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Gourmet Ireland 2  
Paul and Jeanne Rankin are among the most creative young chefs working in the world today. The extraordinary culinary talents and adventurous spirit of this talented couple are enthusiastically presented in this companion to the second season of their public television series, Gourmet Ireland.

Influenced by their travels around the globe, Paul and Jeanne brought their collaborative culinary knowledge and skill back to Paul's native Ireland and applied it to the country's great variety of fresh seafood, vegetables, and game at their Belfast restaurant, Roscoff. In this new book they share the remarkable bounty of Ireland with American readers. Over 100 new, accessible recipes-infused with the Rankins' love of food, travel, and culture—are organized into 30 menus for every occasion.

From basic Irish comfort foods like Smoked Bacon with Cabbage and Potatoes and Wheaten Bread to fresh and utterly modern recipes like Warm Goats' Cheese and Grilled Vegetables, Salmon Baked with Fresh Herbs and Pommes D'Amour, and Chicken Stuffed with Lobster and Basil, the Rankins take Irish cooking to a global level.

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Paul and Jeanne Rankin  

About the Authors:

Paul Rankin from County Down in Northern Ireland, and Jeanne, from Winnipeg in Canada, met while working on a boat in Greece and traveling the world. They soon discovered their shared affection for food and cooking, incorporating their training with their travels to such culinary meccas as London and the San Francisco Bay Area. They opened Roscoff, in 1989, which earned a Michelin starred rating shortly thereafter.


Gourmet Ireland
From the Public Television Series

By Paul and Jeanne Rankin
Bay Books
Paperback, $18.95
ISBN: 0-912333-15-4
Information provided by the publisher.

Gourmet Ireland 2
From the Public Television Series

By Paul and Jeanne Rankin
Bay Books
Paperback, $18.95
ISBN: 0-912333-34-0
Information provided by the publisher.


Gourmet Ireland and Gourmet Ireland 2



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