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Cowboy Cocktails
Boot Scootin' Beverages and
Tasty Vittles from the Wild West

By Grady Spears & Brigit L. Binns

Cowboy Cocktails  
"What is a cowboy cocktail? It's not a drink—it's an attitude."

Grady Spears's contemporary cowboy cooking was first introduced to the country in the best-selling A Cowboy in the Kitchen. Now he's back with Cowboy Cocktails, the perfect entertaining handbook for those with a taste for the wild, wild West.

Today's urban cowboys, and cowgirls too, sometimes need a smooth and soothing beverage to put a soft edge on a hard day. "Goldminer's Cocktail," "Lust in the Dust," "Sittin' on the Porch," Yellow Rose of Texas"—these are just a few of the thirst-quenching libations served up in Cowboy Cocktails, the best drink collection this side of the muddy Mississippi.

Chapters include:

More than a bar book, Cowboy Cocktails is also chock-full of fascinating tidbits and delicious recipes. To help everyone unearth the cowpoke within, Grady includes the Cowboy Cocktails Liquor Cabinet, Movie Thee-ater, and Reading Room as well as a cowboy vocabulary primer and song recommendations for each drink. And then there is "Tasty Vittles," a chapter full of tantalizing appetizers and nibbles that can be whipped up in two shakes.

Step into the world of hot days, hard work, and dusty afternoons, and treat yourself to a bona fide cowboy cocktail straight from the heart of Texas.

"I see by your outfit that you are a cowboy:
You see by my outfit that I am one, too;
We see by our outfits that we are both cowboys;
Why'ncha get an outfit and be a cowboy too."
— Little-known verse of "The Streets of Laredo"


About the Author

Grady Spears is a former cowhand turned executive chef of the three Reata restaurants, in Fort Worth and Alpine, Texas, and Beverly Hills, California (on Rodeo Drive of course). He was named one of the "Top 5 New Chefs of the Year" by Restaurants & Institutions in 1998 and one of the "Rising Stars of 1999" by Restaurant Hospitality. He is the author of A Cowboy in the Kitchen.

Brigit L. Binns is the author or co-author of five cookbooks and a frequent contributor to many magazines. She lives in Venice, California.

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Cowboy Cocktails:
Boot-Scootin' Beverages and
Tasty Vittles from the Wild West

By Grady Spears and Brigit L. Binns
Ten Speed Press, May 2000
Paperback, $14.95
144 pages, full color photos
ISBN: 1-58008-077-4
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