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Asian Ingredients
A Guide to the Foodstuffs of China,
Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam

By Bruce Cost

Asian Ingredients 
"Asian Ingredients is by far the most comprehensive guide to essential ingredients for Asian cooking ever published in English. It unfolds the many mysteries of precisely what you are tossing into your wok or skillet...The recipes are excellent." — Craig Claiborne

"For a long time, I have valued Bruce Cost as a cook. and his recipes, of course, are terrific. But even if you never set foot in the kitchen, you'll probably want this book. For if you have ever eaten in a Chinese, Japanese, Thai or Korean restaurant and wondered what was on your plate, this book has the answers. I honestly can't imagine that any curious eaters will want to be without it." — Ruth Reichl, Editor in Chief, Gourmet

"This book is about a fascination with foodstuffs. It can be your guide through an immense and profound realm of Asian cuisine." — From the Foreword by Alice Waters

First published in 1988, Bruce Cost's Asian Ingredients was immediately hailed as one of the most comprehensive and fascinating books on Asian foodstuff's ever written. Now fully revised and updated, Asian Ingredients offers a wealth of information on identifying and using the often unfamiliar ingredients in traditional Asian cooking, from fresh vegetables and meats, to spices and dried goods, to oils and bottled condiments. The book's clear black-and-white photographs make it easy to identify ingredients in your local supermarket or Asian grocery, while Cost's carefully researched notes explain how to select, store, and cook with these wonderful foods. Cost also includes more than 130 simple recipes for sumptuous Asian specialties. Cooks can create the dramatic flavors of China Japan, and Southeast Asia in their own kitchens with this indispensable resource.

Bruce Cost

About the Author

Bruce Cost is widely recognized as one of the nation's leading experts on Asian cooking. An award-winning restaurateur and chef, acclaimed cooking teacher, and former food columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, Cost is now a culinary partner in Big Bowl restaurants, the Chicago-based chain renowned for its innovative pan-Asian food. He is the author of two other books, Ginger East to West and Big Bowl Noodles and Rice, a new collection of recipes from the restaurant.


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Asian Ingredients
By Bruce Cost
Quill/HarperCollins Publishers, 2000
Paperback, $18.00
Black & White photographs throughout
ISBN: 0-06-093204-X
Information provided by the publisher.


Asian Ingredients



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