Italy Anywhere:
Living an Italian Culinary Life
Wherever You Call Home

by Lori De Mori, Jean-Louis De Mori and Antonio Tommasi

Italy Anywhere 
Nowhere is Italian life more seductive than in the kitchen and at the table—captivating both the senses and the soul. Author Lori De Mori has captured this culinary experience—the flavors, the traditions, the grace and simplicity of Italian cooking—in Italy Anywhere: Living an Italian Culinary Life Wherever You Call Home.

Italian cuisine is more than just cooking and Italy Anywhere is more than just a cookbook. Lori De Mori celebrates the art of Italian cuisine—as a way of life and an expression of passion. Her ability to capture the essence of Italy comes from her life-long love-affair with all-things-Italian. Lori De Mori grew up in the suburbs of LA, fell in love with an Italian, and traded her McDonalds drive-thru lifestyle for a steep learning curve about prosciutto, pecorino, and mountain bread. Together with her husband, Jean-Louis De Mori and chef Antonio Tommasi, they created their six now-very-successful restaurants.

Italy Anywhere includes over 175 recipes of chefs Jean-Louis De Mori and Antonio Tommasi, and helpful explanations of ingredients and special cooking tips. Readers will learn how to create the fresh and simple style of a backroads table in Northern Italy.

De Mori's colorful narratives complement the extraordinary recipes in Italy Anywhere. with essays such as "Dinner for One," "Learning to Cook," "Why We Invite," and "The Poetry of Pasta," Italy Anywhere offers a lighthearted and inviting look beyond the mechanics of the recipe to the real art of creating Italian food.

Italy Anywhere is also the story of how three very different people chose a way to live, cook, eat, run a business together and be a family; and in the process unlock the secrets of the Tuscan countryside. with terrific recipes, wonderful line drawings evoking the spirit of the book, and a "storyline" that will make us dream of picking up and moving to Tuscany, Italy Anywhere is great in the armchair or at the stove and is sure to make Italophiles of many.


About the Authors

Lori De Mori is a contributor to Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, and Saveur. She and her husband, Jean-Louis De Mori, live in a two-hundred-year-old farmhouse in Tuscany and in Los Angeles, where Jean-Louis and chef Antonio Tommasi have created Locanda Veneta and five other critically acclaimed restaurants.


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Italy Anywhere:
Living an Italian Culinary Life
Wherever You Call Home

By Lori De Mori, Jean-Louis De Mori
and Antonio Tommasi
Viking, September, 2000
Hardback, $29.95
ISBN: 0-670-88539-8
Information provided by the publisher.


Italy Anywhere


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