The New American Cheese

Profiles of America's Great Cheesemakers
and Recipes for Cooking with Cheese

By Laura Werlin

The New American Cheese  
Over the past 10 years, a cheese revolution has been taking place in the United States, moving us beyond Velveeta and individually plastic, wrapped slices.

Cheese is the next great culinary revolution in this country. A few years ago, only a handful of specialty cheesemakers could be found in America, today, there are more than 200. Connoisseurs are following the growth of specialty American cheeses with the same fervor they've applied to fine domestic wines.

In her new book, The New American Cheese, food journalist and cheese expert Laura Werlin takes an in-depth look at the art and craft of cheesemaking, including a comprehensive and entertaining look at the history of cheesemaking in this country. She also profiles more than 50 of America's top cheesemakers and includes 80 inventive recipes featuring many of these extraordinary handcrafted specialty American cheeses.

Believing that education is the key to appreciation of domestically made cheeses, Ms. Werlin has included information on how to buy, store, and taste cheese; and an extensive glossary to help build a vocabulary for describing some of the flavors that are found in cheese; and the nutritional facts. A list of specialty cheesemakers though out the country is also noted.

The New American Cheese is an indispensable guide for amateur cheese lovers and experienced epicures alike.

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The New American Cheese
Profiles of America's Great Cheesemakers and
Recipes for Cooking with Cheese

By Laura Werlin
Stewart Tabori & Chang, May 2000
Hardback, $35.00
Color photographs throughout
ISBN: 1-55670-990-0
Information provided by the publisher.


The New American Cheese



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