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The Vegetable Bible

By Christian Teubner, Hans-Georg Levin, Elisabeth Lange, Andreas Miessmer

The Vegetable Bible  
Though dietary guidelines change constantly, the health benefits of vegetables have been valued since ancient times. The Vegetable Bible, is the definitive guide to one of the world's healthiest foods. With more than 1,000 sumptuous full-color photographs and 150 tantalizing recipes, The Vegetable Bible is an essential resource for every kitchen library.

The Vegetable Bible features a wealth of information on selecting, storing, preparing and serving vegetables. It also includes extensive historical and cultural background and nutritional details about hundreds of vegetables, ranging from the familiar to the exotic. The many handy charts in the book provide valuable information on everything from nutritional content to preparation methods and storage times.

Award-winning food photographer and cookbook author Christian Teubner has assembled a team of experts to explore the delights of nature's bounty, covering every aspect of the fascinating, healthful and delicious subject of vegetables. Hans-Georg Levin, a specialist in worldwide fruit and vegetable cultivation and consumption and coauthor of several publications on the subject, has contributed a comprehensive, richly illustrated vegetable encyclopedia. Organized by botanical families, the vegetable encyclopedia includes information about the history and cultivation of each vegetable and the role of vegetables in different cultures around the world.

The nutritional content of vegetables is discussed throughout The Vegetable Bible. Elisabeth Lange, a nutritionist, food writer and cookbook editor, provides complete nutritional details about each vegetable and offers advice on obtaining the maximum nutritional benefits when preparing vegetables.

Andreas Miessmer, a professional chef who was voted 1992's "Chef of the Year" by the German Chefs' Association, has contributed delectable recipes as well as scores of practical tips on preparing and serving vegetables. Chef Miessmer tempts us with mouth-watering dishes from simple soups and salads to elaborate main courses. Traditional dishes such as Spring Rolls, Pommes Dauphine, Spinach Soufflé, Antipasti, Gazpacho, Vegetable Stew and Minestrone are well-represented as are more modern interpretations such as Pan-Fried Young Garlic, Seaweed Tagliatelle, Vegetable-Stuffed Potatoes, Artichoke Mousse with Lobster, Carrot Pudding and Sweet-and-Sour Vegetables in Savoy Cabbage Crêpes. Helpful color photos of step-by-step preparations and finished presentations accompany most of the recipes.

A noted food stylist and cooking instructor in his native Germany, Chef Miessmer's presentations are as appealing to the eye as they are to the taste buds. He has included an illustrated step-by-step guide to creating and decorating with vegetable garnishes as well as an invaluable glossary of technical terms. Proper handling and cooking techniques for each vegetable are described and fully illustrated.

Christian Teubner's passion for food and photography is evident in his stunning full-color photographs throughout The Vegetable Bible. Having trained as a chef and worked as a Master Confectioner in Switzerland and Germany, Teubner developed an interest in photography when he started to photograph the dishes he created. In 1962 he began his career as a food photographer and, in 1978, he established Teubner Editions, an award-winning German publishing company that specializes in lavishly illustrated, yet practical, cooking guides.

The Vegetable Bible is the sixth volume of Teubner Editions books to be published by Penguin Studio. Other books in the series include The Cheese Bible (October 1998; $32.95); The Chocolate Bible (September 1997; $29.95), winner of the IACP Julia Child Cookbook Award; The Chicken and Poultry Bible (August 1997; $27.95); The Herbs and Spices Cookbook (January 1997; $24.95); and The Pasta Bible (September 1996; $29.95), winner of the James Beard Award.


The Vegetable Bible
By Christian Teubner, Hans-Georg Levin, Elisabeth Lange, Andreas Miessmer
Penguin Studio
Publication Date: November 1998
Hardcover, $32.95
256 pages, 1,000 plus full-color photographs
ISBN: 0-670-88130-9
Information provided by the publisher.


The Vegetable Bible



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