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Charlie Trotter's Desserts

By Charlie Trotter


Charlie Trotter's Desserts  
"A meal is not complete without a sweet thing or two at the end."...Charlie Trotter

Charlie Trotter believes desserts to be of equal importance to savory food. His desserts are conceived as a direct extention of the dining experience-not a radical departure from form. On any given day, chefs at his self-named Chicago restaurant prepare ten to fourteen different items, with each guest receiving between two and five desserts. Now in his fourth large-format, gorgeously photographed book, master chef Trotter and his pastry chef Michelle Gayer present the lavishly unexpected desserts that have delighted diners night after night.

Each dessert exemplifies Trotter's commitment to purity and balanced flavors. Chapters focus on ingredients from the delightfully familiar (berries, custards, and spices) to the unusual (vegetable and grain-based desserts), with over 150 show stopping recipes including:
Strawberry-Almond Shortcake with Basil
Huckleberry Tuiles with White and Golden Peach Compote and Huckleberry Sherbet
Black Truffle Ice Cream with Organic Ennis Hazelnuts
Ginger-Molasses Spice Cake with Mascarpone Cream and Clear Lady Apple Chips
Espresso Pound Cake with Turkish Coffee Ice Cream and Warm Mango Compote.

As in his earlier books, Charlie Trotter's, Charlie Trotter's Vegetables, and Charlie Trotter's Seafood, the recipes in Desserts are meant to provide inspiration as well as step-by-step instructions. Charlie Trotter believes that while we can use recipes as guides, the beauty of food is that "it is easy to change, adjust, and adapt as the foodstuffs dictate or your mood changes."

With over 125,000 copies of the first three books in print, Trotter's series has tantalized and inspired amateur and professional cooks everywhere, and Desserts is the icing on the cake.


Charlie Trotter's Desserts
By Charlie Trotter
Ten Spreed Press
Cloth, Price: $50.00
240 pages, full color
ISBN: 0-89815-815-X
Information provided by the publisher.


Charlie Trotter's Desserts



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