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East West Food

Recipes by Chris Benians, Barney Brown, Peter Gordon, Graham Harris, Chef Suki, Michael Lee-Richards, Charles Phan, Stanislaus Soares, Cass Titcombe, Kirk Webber


East West Food East West Food shows you how ten of the world's most exciting chefs mix traditions and techniques from memory and from homelands as far apart as Vietnam, Australia, and Italy and combine them with the flavors and techniques of San Francisco, Christchurch and London to create exciting new taste sensations.

East West Food is an inspired look at the crossing over of food styles and ingredients from around the world.

Featuring ten innovative chefs from across the globe, it examines the styles, influences, and techniques that are so dramatically changing the way we look at food.

These chefs explore fusion food in various ways, whether mixing tastes from exotic locales in an exciting new dish, combining foods from several countries in one menu, or adapting traditional dishes to accommodate fresh, seasonal ingredients.


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East West Food
By Chris Benians—Barney Brown—Peter Gordon—Graham Harris—Michael Lee-Richards
Charles Phan—Stanislaus Soares—Chef Suki—Cass Titcombe—Kirk Webber
Hardback, $30.00
ISBN: 1-57959-002-0
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East West Food



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