The Vegetarian Chili Cookbook
80 Delightfully Different One-Dish Meals

By Robin Robertson


The Vegetarian Chili Cookbook Heart-warming, heart-healthy chilis deliver flavor and heat without the meat.

What's for dinner? Vegetarian chili is a great choice for fast food that doesn't compromise on health or taste. Easy to make and easy to adapt to whatever ingredients you have on hand, vegetarian chili offers a world of flavor in one pot. The Vegetarian Chili Cookbooks 80 recipes are internationally inspired and universally appealing, whatever your taste and whatever the season. Dave DeWitt, editor of Chile Pepper Magazine, calls The Vegetarian Chili Cookbook "a highly creative cookbook that doesn't skimp on spicy flavors and will please chili lovers who prefer to eat vegetarian." with so many vegetables, grains, beans, meat alternatives, spices, and seasonings, you'll never miss the meat. People the world over enjoy spicy, vegetarian stews as a nutritious and delectable part of their diet. In The Vegetarian Chili Cookbook, Robin Robertson integrates these flavors into updated American favorites that can't be beat for convenience and versatility.

One pot yields innumerable meals that prove that vegetarian chili need not be a tomato-bean stew with a hint of spice. Robust, colorful concoctions like Pumpkin and Black Bean Chili, Roasted Root Vegetable Chili, Louisiana Bayou Chili, Jamaican Jerk Chili, Roasted Red Pepper Chili, Spicy Apple-Raisin Chili, Lentil Chili with Couscous, Black Bean Chili with Avocado, and Golden Garbanzo Chili are easy enough for everyday meals and elegant enough for any occasion. Whether you favor mild seasonings or wild spices, All-American classics or globally inspired innovations, The Vegetarian Chili Cookbook has the recipes that will become your household favorites.

More and more Americans are adopting a vegetarian lifestyle, or integrating more vegetarian meals into their diet. With more evidence every day of the benefits of vegetarianism, soy-based foods, and increased consumption of vegetables and legumes, everyone should have meat-free recipes in their culinary repertoire. And with such an abundance of fresh produce and tasty meat alternatives on the market, vegetarian chili is the zesty dish that's perfect for today's lifestyle. Didi Emmons, award-winning author of Vegetarian Planet, enthuses that "Robin Robertson is a culinary artist....this book is terrific—a revelation!"

Now, everyone's favorite one-pot meal is a healthy everyday indulgence. And with so many different ingredients and serving suggestions, there's no end to the zesty and satisfying meals you can make from The Vegetarian Chili Cookbook. These chilis are winners, whether topped with classics like salsa, sour cream, and guacamole, or garnished with glorious condiments like olivada, pesto, chutney, coulis, and soy cheese. Enjoy leftovers in tacos or casseroles, as a pizza topping or burger-topper. Make ahead and freeze, or whip together after work from a few pantry staples. Whatever your taste and whatever your style, The Vegetarian Chili Cookbook puts the garden's glory and a world of spice all in a hearty, healthy bowl of homemade chili.


The Vegetarian Chili Cookbook
80 Delightfully Different One-Dish Meals

By Robin Robertson
Harvard Common Press
Paperback, $10.95
244 pages
ISBN 1-55832-148-9
Information provided by the publisher.


The Vegetarian Chili Cookbook



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