The Cheese Bible

By Christian Teubner, Friedrich-Wilheim Ehlert
and Heinrich Mair-Waldburg

The Cheese Bible  
From Appenzeller to Zick de Zweiner, The Cheese Bible is an indispensable guide to the cheeses of the world and the world of cheese. The Cheese Bible features detailed descriptions of how cheese is made; a glossary of cheese terminology; advice on buying, serving and storing cheese; a guide to pairing cheese and wine. Among the many highlights of the book is a comprehensive 88-page international cheese encyclopedia that features descriptions and photos of hundreds of cheeses. The heart of the book is a tantalizing collection of traditional and innovative recipes for everything from a classic Cheese Soufflé to Melted Brie Crowned with Caviar.

An essential resource for every kitchen library, The Cheese Bible is lavishly illustrated with more than 1,000 full-color photographs, making it as much at home on the coffee table as it is on the kitchen table.

Award-winning food photographer Christian Teubner has assembled a team of experts to explore the universal language of cheese, covering every aspect of this delicious subject. Countless fascinating and useful facts about cheese have been provided by Dr. Heinrich Mair-Waldburg, one of Europe's leading cheese experts and author of several publications on cheese, including Cheeses of the World. In The Cheese Bible, he explores the history and evolution of cheese; offers detailed descriptions of how and where each type of cheese is made; provides fat-content information for a range of cheeses. He also describes how particular cheeses differ from region to region and country to country; offers practical advice on selecting, storing and slicing cheese; matches each type of cheese with the appropriate knife, grater or slicing wire; and explains local cheese customs. Countless anecdotes peppered throughout the book are as entertaining as they are helpful in gaining a greater (and grater!) understanding and appreciation of cheese, its history, evolution and infinite variety.

Master Chef Friedrich-Wilhelm Ehlert has contributed scores of tempting recipes and practical serving hints. Chef Ehlert, who has written several cookbooks and textbooks for chefs, covers everything, literally, from soup to nuts in The Cheese Bible. From tempting canapes, salads, pasta and vegetable dishes to mouth-watering main courses and luscious desserts, Chef Ehlert provides a variety of recipes that will appeal to novice and expert alike. The recipes include time-honored classics such as Cheese Soufflé, Cheese Omelet, Fondue, Quiche, Cheese Straws, Lasagna, Pizza and Cheesecake as well as delicious, creative variations on the classics. Innovative cheese dishes such as Chicken with a Cheese Stuffing, Breast of Duck with Chianti-Poached Pears and Roquefort Sauce, Cheese Waffles and Ricotta-and-Lemon Cream will delight any ardent cheese lover. Helpful color photos of step-by-step preparations and finished presentations accompany most of the recipes.

Christian Teubner's passion for food and photography is evident in his stunning full-color photographs throughout The Cheese Bible. Having trained as a chef and worked as a Master Confectioner in Switzerland and Germany, Teubner developed an interest in photography when he started to photograph the dishes he created. In 1962 he began his career as a food photographer and, in 1978, he established Teubner Editions, an award-winning German publishing company that specializes in lavishly illustrated, yet practical, cooking guides.

The Cheese Bible is the fifth volume of Teubner Editions books to be published by Penguin Studio. Other books in the series include The Chocolate Bible (September 1997; $29.95), winner of the IACP Julia Child Cookbook Award; The Chicken and Poultry Bible (August 1997; $27.95); The Herbs and Spices Cookbook (January 1997; $24.95); and The Pasta Bible (September 1996; $29.95), winner of the James Beard Award. The Vegetable Bible ($32.95), the sixth volume in this series, will be published in November 1998.


The Cheese Bible
By Christian Teubner, Friedrich-Wilheim Ehlert
and Heinrich Mair-Waldburg

Penguin Studio
Publication Date: October 1998
Hardcover, $32.95
256 pages, 1,000 plus full-color photographs
ISBN: 0-670-88129-5
Information provided by the publisher.


The Cheese Bible



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