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The Definitive Potato Salad

Makes 4 servings


2 pounds firm waxy potatoes
   (most new potatoes are suitable;
   Red Bliss work well)
1 to 2 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil
Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
1 small onion or 3 or 4 scallions, chopped
1/4 cup chopped celery
1/2 cup plain nonfat yogurt (see Notes)
1 tablespoon mustard (I prefer a whole-grain
   type such as Pommery but a Dijon-style
   mustard like Grey Poupon is fine)
1 tablespoon wine vinegar
1 small bunch basil, cilantro, or
   Italian parsley finely chopped


1. Boil or steam the potatoes in their jackets. Let cool slightly. Cut them into bite-size pieces, removing whatever skin loosens in the process. (I usually end up with about half the skin on the potatoes, half in the garbage.) While the potatoes are still warm, toss them with the oil and pepper. Let stand at room temperature for up to an hour or two.

2. Add the onion and celery. Mix the yogurt, mustard, and vinegar in a small bowl. Add half of it to the salad, mixing well. Add the fresh herbs if using. Continue adding dressing until the mixture looks like potato salad to you.

If your yogurt seems watery, drain it to remove some of the whey. To my mind, this salad tastes best if served at room temperature within a couple of hours after the potatoes are cooked, but there's no harm in making it ahead and refrigerating it.

200 calories, 2 grams fat, 0 grams saturated fat per serving


The Dreaded Broccoli Cookbook:
A Good Natured Guide to Healthful Eating with 100 Recipes

By Barbara and Tamar Haspel
Hardback, $22.00
Publication date: April 1999
ISBN: 0-684-85454-6
Recipe Reprinted by permission.


The Dreaded Broccoli Cookbook



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