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Encyclopedia of Asian Food

By Charmaine Solomon

Encyclopedia of Asian Food  
Every adventurous cook has had the frustrating experience of being intrigued by some unusual Asian ingredient but being unable to discover its English name or use. Charmaine Solomon makes that frustration a thing of the past with this comprehensive volume, which is a must for serious cooks.

The Encyclopedia of Asian Food is both a practical guide to Asian food and a reference book on the subject. It contains all that cooks will need to identify, prepare and use Asian ingredients, as well as over 500 recipes, including the classical recipes of each country.

Charmaine Solomon has over thirty years' experience writing, cooking and exploring the breadth of Asia. In this lively text she provides advice on every facet of the ingredients and the cuisine of each Asian country, as well as explanations of cooking techniques and guides to special utensils. This wealth of information is peppered with colorful anecdotes and reminiscences from Solomon's travels. She offers delightful details such as how to add flowers to a menu, how to recognize the fragrance of gingelly oil, how to best enjoy exotic fruits like rambutan, pulasan and mangosteen, and how to use ingredients decoratively. Entries also include nutritional properties, dangers and curiosities of many common foods, as well as their names in various Asian languages.

The illustrated index provides detailed color drawings of vegetables, fruits, nuts and spices, and the book includes a recipe index and a comprehensive index that includes non-English terms.

Written and researched with the absolute thoroughness and dedication that has made Charmaine Solomon the most respected authority on Asian food, The Encyclopedia of Asian Food is the culmination of a lifetime of experience and is the definitive guide to the mysteries of Asian cuisine.

Charmaine Solomon emigrated from Sri Lanka to Australia over thirty years ago. Through newspapers, magazines, television, cooking schools and over twenty-five books, she has infused the Western world with her passion and knowledge of Asian cuisine.


Encyclopedia of Asian Food
By Charmaine Solomon
Periplus Editions
Hardback, $39.95
ISBN: 0-8048-1791-X
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Encyclopedia of Asian Food



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