Martin Yan's Asia
Favorite Recipes from Hong Kong, Singapore,
Malaysia, the Philippines, and Japan

By Martin Yan

Martin Yan's Asia  
Discovering new foods can be one of life's greatest adventures-whether you travel thousands of miles a year or never leave home. The older I get, the more clearly I understand that cooking is not a craft or a set of skills. It's a journey.

...Martin Yan

An unflagging sense of humor, insatiable curiosity, and heartfelt respect for the traditions of Asian cooking have led Martin Yan on a two year culinary odyssey through markets, restaurants, and homes in the villages and cities of Asia. In turn, he has brought the cooking secrets of Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Japan home to American audiences in his newest public television series, Yan Can Cook: The Best of Asia. A celebration of life, shared with affection and care, the recipes in this companion cookbook honor the diverse culinary styles of Asian cooking.

Yan delights in the opportunity to be behind the scenes and get "inside the food," working in every kind of kitchen imaginable. Tiny home kitchens, street vendors' portable kitchen carts and large restaurant kitchens, have all contributed to the development of the more than 150 recipes in this book. Whether the recipes are traditional, modern, or Yan's own inventions there is an emphasis, as in all of Yan's books, on making the recipes accessible and enjoyable to cooks at every level.

In the spirit of Yan's belief that food should be experienced like a journey, this book encourages home cooks to "Keep searching and exploring. Be bold. And most of all, have fun."


Martin Yan's Asia
Favorite Recipes from Hong Kong, Singapore,
Malaysia, the Philippines, and Japan

By Martin Yan
KQED Books & Tapes
Paperback, $19.95
Color pictures throughout
ISBN: 0-912333-32-4
Information provided by the publisher.


Martin Yan's Asia



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