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The Africa Cookbook


"I like the way Jessica Harris thinks, I very much like the way she writes, and I am a great admirer of the way she cooks. This book is valuable to all thinking, writing cooks."

...Maya Angelou


"The Africa Cookbook is a deliciously deceptive stew in the guise of a cookbook. Jessica Harris has given us mouthwatering recipes and narratives that are soul-satisfying and palate pleasing (not to mention recipes adapted for American weights and measures and ingredients!) with her intellectual talents, natural curiosity, sense of adventure and culinary tastes, I want her to hurry back to Africa and take me along on her next journey of discovery. Meanwhile, I'll happily settle for her book. She is truly the Zora Neale Hurston of Culinary Anthropology."

...Charlayne Hunter-Gault
Chief Africa Correspondent,
National Public Radio; author, "In My Place"


"Harris writes well, and her accounts of various visits and encounters are particularly readable. With few other cookbooks available even on specific African cuisines, her ambitious new book is unique. An essential purchase."

Library Journal


"Three decades of traveling throughout the continent have yielded a wonderful gem.



The Africa Cookbook: Tastes of a Continent
By Jessica B. Harris
Simon & Schuster
Hardback, $25.00
382 pages
ISBN: 0-684-80275-9
Information provided by the publisher.


The Africa Cookbook



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