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Michele Urvater  
Michèle Urvater, the "Monday-to-Friday" cook, is a professional chef, recipe developer and food writer. She won the James Beard Award for her previous book, The Monday-to-Friday Chicken and received high acclaim for The Monday-to-Friday Pasta Cookbook. Michele is co-author, with David Liederman, of the ground breaking book, Cooking the Nouvelle Cuisine in America (1979) as well as the author of Fine Fresh Food Fast and Cookies and Candies for Christmas.

A graduate of the New York Technical School and the French Culinary Institute, Urvater worked in restaurants and ran her own cooking school before launching her current career as a restaurant pastry chef. Raised in New York and Belgium, she lives in New York City with her husband and daughter.


Monday-to-Friday Chicken
By Michele Urvater
Workman Publishing
Paperback, $12.95
288 pages; illustrations throughout
ISBN 1-56305-931-2
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Monday-to-Friday Chicken



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