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Start of the New Year with this culinary potpourri, perfect for browsing on a wintery January day...


Get Your Kitchen In Shape

To help get your kitchen in shape this year, follow these easy tips from the kitchen experts:

Always use glass or plastic cutting boards to chop veggies, fish or meat. Be sure to replace plastic cutting boards when you notice deep knife grooves. Bacteria can build up in those grooves and contaminate your food.

Keep your counters clean and clutter-free. Use anti-bacterial sprays or wipes for in-between cleaning and quick wipe-ups.

Kitchen Tips

Be sure to clean all produce before eating. Using a product like Fit Fruit & Vegetable Wash can remove more pesticides, wax and residue than water alone.

Rinse all meats, fish and chicken with hot water before cooking.

Invest in a meat thermometer to ensure your food is safe to eat. They're inexpensive and easy to use.

Be sure to freeze and label any leftovers you plan to eat later. Refrigerated leftovers shouldn't be eaten after a day or two.

Disposable plastic containers are a great, inexpensive way to store your food and share leftovers with family and friends.

Limit the number of people in the kitchen at the same time. Too many cooks in the kitchen can cause a mess!

Fill up on fruits and vegetables at holiday parties rather than heavier foods.

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