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Hurray for Potatoes


Hurray for Potatoes  
I can't think of any food that's more neglected, maligned or mistreated than the potato. Of humble beginnings, potatoes have always have kept company with the poor.

The ubiquitous spud is found everywhere and perhaps that's the reason most people fail to hold it in high regard. But think a moment where we'd be without potatoes.

For sure, there'd be many mourning the loss of their beloved potato chip. A good beef stew would be naked without potatoes. The hearty breakfast would lose its heart without hashed browns and a summer picnic sans potato salad is no picnic. And I can't imagine a Thanksgiving meal without a big bowl of everyone's favorite comfort food — fluffy, buttered mashed spuds.

Potatoes hold an important place in history. The lack of potatoes caused over a million deaths during the Irish potato famine. Ireland was so dependent on potatoes for nourishment that when blight destroyed the crops in 1845 and 1846, tragedy struck. Besides the many deaths, another million fled Ireland to find food.

Famous for their versatility, potatoes may be baked, boiled, fried, microwaved and served hot or cold. One potato provides half the daily need for vitamin C, 750 mg potassium and only a small amount of calories: 110 per medium sized potato.

You can easily turn breakfast from ho-hum to fabulous using the recipes below. Neither is difficult nor overly time consuming.


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