Carving a Roast Chicken (or Turkey)

You can carve a turkey about the same way.

1. Insert knife between leg and body and cut through the skin. (picture)

2. Lift the leg and cut through the joint, removing the leg. (pictures)

3. Run the point of the knife into the pelvic joint to release thigh bone. Twist the knife to free the thigh. (picture)

4. Place the thigh skinside down on the board. Observe the direction of the bone. Cut on either side of the bone to release the thigh meat. (picture)

5. Slice the smaller piece the long way. The larger piece of thigh may be cut in either direction. Serve skin side up. Serve the bone with some meat on it. (picture)

6. Remove the first wing joint. Remove and discard the wing tip. (picture)

7. Make a deep cut parallel to the board just above the wing joint. (picture)

8. Cut parallel to the breast bone to release slices of the breast. (picture)

9. Continue slicing the breast until the keel bone is reached. (picture)

10. Remove the stuffing with a spoon. (picture)


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