Carving a Ham

You can carve a Leg of Lamb about the same way.

Have butcher remove pelvic bone (Aitch bone) at butt end before roasting.

Lie the ham on its side. Cut slices parallel to the bone, removing the cushion of meat on the underside. Or remove as one piece and slice this at an angle against the grain. You want to be able to sit the ham on this surface, with the main cushion of meat accessible to carve. Sit the ham on this newly cut flat part.

At the shank end cut a V shaped wedge between the shin bone and the main leg bone. This lets you get your knife in. Cut thin slices down to the bone, moving towards the butt end. You can release these slices by inserting your knife in the V Shaped cut you made. The knife is held parallel to the bone, and cuts toward the butt end.

For second helpings, hold the ham on its side by the shank bone. Cut parallel on either sides of the bone to remove the meat and cut it against the grain.

For a half a ham, the same ideas apply. Release the bottom cushion to make a flat surface. Cut at right angles to the bone and turn your knife to release the slices.

After carving, in the kitchen remove all remaining meat from the bones to make deviled ham salad, ham omelets and the like.


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