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ANZAC Biscuits (Nick Malgieri)

Asparagus with White Miso Vinaigrette (Bruce Cost)

Baked Two-Potato Mash with Garlic and Romano (Nancy Caivano)

Braised Fennel with Orange and Almonds (Nancy Caivano)

Chocolate-Glazed Pumpkin Cake (Stephanie Zonis)

Chocolate-Almond Bavarian Cream (Stephanie Zonis)

Classic Fudge (Stephanie Zonis)

Crackle-Top Chocolate Cookies (Stephanie Zonis)

Cooking Utensils

Easy Coconut Drops (Nick Malgieri)

Eggplant Sautéed with Crushed Red Chili and Black Vinegar (Bruce Cost)

Ghee Rice (Maya Kaimal)

Gravy and the Well-Dressed Turkey (John Ryan)

Haricot Bean and Spinach Omelet (Claudia Roden)

Harvest Pumpkin Apricot Cake (Nancy Caivano)

Honey-Lacquered Pecans with Sesame Seeds (Bruce Cost)

Italian Stuffed Turkey Breast (Nancy Caivano)

Linzertart (Stephanie Zonis)

Marble Pound Cake (Stephanie Zonis)

Mocha Fudge Cake (Linda Gassenheimer)

Pasta with Roasted and Sautéed Spaghetti Squash (Nancy Caivano)

Peppery Cheddar Coins (Nick Malgieri)

Peppery Chickpeas (Maya Kaimal)

Prosciutto and Mushroom Ravioli in Sage Butter (Nancy Caivano)

Risotto with Roasted Tomatoes, Acorn Squash and Olives (Nancy Caivano)

Risotto with Pork, Butternut Squash and Sage (Nancy Caivano)

Shanghai Noodles with Smoked Chicken (Bruce Cost)

Shrimp with Cracked Pepper and Curry Leaves (Maya Kaimal)

Smoked Salmon Crêpes with Bran Cereal (Linda Gassenheimer)

Spinach and Apple Salad with Sugared Almonds (Nancy Caivano)

Spring Asparagus Salad with Sesame Seeds (Bruce Cost)

Steamed Mussels in Coconut Herb Broth (Bruce Cost)

Thankful Turkey Stuffing (Lynn Kerrigan)

Tomatoes Stuffed with Ground Meat, Currants, and Pine Nuts (Claudia Roden)

Vegetables in Fragrant Coconut Milk (Maya Kaimal)


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