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Afghan Lamb Kabobs with Ginger, Red Wine, and Bay Leaves (Elsa Petersen-Schepelern)

Asian Tea Eggs (Marie Simmons)

Basque Cake (Jill O'Connor)

Boston Cream Pie for my Dad (Stephanie Zonis)

Cheesecake Bars (Stephanie Zonis)

Chef Andrea's Breakfast Polenta Cake (Richard Sax)

Coeur à la Crème (Jill O'Connor)

Cranberry Upside-Down Cake (Richard Sax)

Cooking Utensils

English Scones (Nancy Caivano)

English Toffee Pudding (Richard Sax)

"Everything" Chocolate Chunk Cookies (Stephanie Zonis)

Grilled Pineapple Rings (Cindy Burda)

Grilled "Thick-Slice" Red Onions (Chuck Williams & Joanne Weir)

Home-Smoked Spicy Ginger Ham (Cindy Burda)

Iced Tea Recipes (Lynn Kerrigan)

Italian Potatoes on Rosemary Sticks (Elsa Petersen-Schepelern)

Jean Anderson's Portuguese Bread, Garlic and Egg Soup (Marie Simmons)

Lime Chicken and Mushroom Pasta (Nancy Caivano)

Parmesan Spoon Bread (Marie Simmons)

Pineapple Sticks with Sugar-Lime Sauce (Elsa Petersen-Schepelern)

Raspberry Coulis (Jill O'Connor)

Real Scottish Petticoat Tail Shortbread (Richard Sax)

Risotto with Cabbage and Sausage (Nancy Caivano)

Risotto with Fresh Morels and Apples (Nancy Caivano)

Roast Turkey with Dried Apple and Corn Bread Stuffing (Chuck Williams & Joanne Weir)

Strawberry Fool
      with Strawberry Sauce and Whipped Cream (John Ryan)

Tender Spinach Soup (John Ryan)

Warm Pineapple Compote (Chuck Williams & Joanne Weir)

White Chocolate-Key Lime Mousse (Stephanie Zonis)


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