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Anthony's Ricotta Cheesecake (Stephanie Zonis)

Arabian Squash Casserole (Mollie Katzen)

Asparagus with Lemon, Garlic & Soy (Kate Heyhoe)

Asparagus with Mustard and Toasted Black Onion Seeds (Kate Heyhoe)

Basmati Rice with Two Cumins (Kate Heyhoe)

Braised Lamb Shanks
     with Pearl Barley and Root Vegetables (Paul and Jeanne Rankin)

Brown Chicken Stock (Paul and Jeanne Rankin)

Canary Islands Potatoes with Mojo Sauce (Vegetarian Times)

Cooking Utensils

Chocolate Marshmallows (Stephanie Zonis)

Chocolate Extravagance (Stephanie Zonis)

Crisp-Cooked Microwave Asparagus (Kate Heyhoe)

Cozy Toasted Yellow Dal (Kate Heyhoe)

Double Chocolate Scones (Stephanie Zonis)

Easter Cookies (Nancy Caivano)

Eggplant Involtini (Vegetarian Times)

Flaxseed Crackers (Lynn Kerrigan)

Flaxseed Meat Loaf (Lynn Kerrigan)

Flaxseed Shake (Lynn Kerrigan)

French Onion Soup (Saveur)

Green Gazpacho (Mollie Katzen)

Hot and Spicy Cucumber Chunks (Kim Man-Jo et. al.)

Hungarian Mushroom Soup (Mollie Katzen)

Loin of Hare
     with Bacon and Irish Whiskey Cream (Paul and Jeanne Rankin)

Mango Rice (Chandra Padmanabhan)

Microwaved Spring Asparagus and Sauces (Kate Heyhoe)

Moroccan Orange-Walnut Salad (Mollie Katzen)

Mussels with Potato and Garlic (Paul and Jeanne Rankin)

Old-Fashioned Salmon Mayonnaise (Paul and Jeanne Rankin)

Pasta with Lemon
     and Roasted Asparagus (Nancy Caivano)

Pasta with Orange Chicken,
     Spring Peas and Mint (Nancy Caivano)

Pearl Onion Kimchee (Kim Man-Jo et. al.)

Potato Masala (Chandra Padmanabhan)

Risotto with Caramelized Fennel,
     Asparagus and Orange (Nancy Caivano)

Risotto with Shrimp
     and Spring Vegetables (Nancy Caivano)

Roasted Chicken with Garlic Navy Beans (John Ryan)

Roasted Sea Bass
     with a Parsley and Caper Sauce (Paul and Jeanne Rankin)

Sauerkraut Garnished with Smoked, Cured, and Fresh Pork (Saveur)

Stir-Fried Cabbage with Panch Phoron (Kate Heyhoe)

Turkish Fennel Salad (Vegetarian Times)

Vegetable Korma (Chandra Padmanabhan)

Wilted Cabbage Salad
     with Bacon and Cashel Blue Cheese (Paul and Jeanne Rankin)


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