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"A gourmet treat..."

Readability: *****
Navigation: *****
Speed: *****
Overall: *****

Jenni Muir, writing in "The Good Web Guide to Food" book and website, April 2001.

The Global Gourmet Web site, "the Web's first food and cooking e-zine," was created in 1994 and is filled with cookbook reviews, recipes and articles about food. Executive Editor Kate Heyhoe is a well-known chef and cookbook author. One section, "Kate's Global Kitchen," currently features an article on making home-and-tummy-warming soups, including recipes for Bourbon Corn Chowder and a Chilean chicken-and-vegetable soup called "Cazuela de Elsa." Heyhoe weaves her energy agenda nicely into the piece, suggesting that "with fossil fuel costs ramping up so steeply, the costs of installing and using solar-voltaic, wind power, ground-source heat pumps, solar films and renewable energy devices are starting to be mighty competitive." "Global Destinations" has informative country profiles and recipes from around the world. One is advised that, "[a] vegetarian in Argentina is like a duck out of water," with Argentina being "second only to the U.S. as the largest consumer of beef in the world." Also learn to make Finnish Cabbage Rolls (or Kaalikaaryleet), Maraqat al-Safarjal (a Tunisian lamb and quince ragout made with dried rose petals) and Polish "Fire Vodka" (Krupnik).

Christine G.K. LaPado, writing for the website, January 19, 2006.

"The pungent fish sauce of Vietnam, Tunisia's hazelnut cream with grilled sesame seeds, Belgium endive, and caipirinha, the national cocktail of Brazil: these are the foods of the Global Gourmet. This website, which features some of the most interesting food related content on the web, offers a wealth of articles and recipes..."

Ann Audette, writing in Earth & Table Digest, October 2000.

"Trips to exotic countries are often about tasting the best local cuisine you can find—and with the help of The Global Gourmet, you will. Though the site has some regular columns on general domestic food, its real strength lies in the "global destinations" section, which gives information on the customs, tastes, and dining for Turkey, Vietnam, and approximately twenty other countries... And the list keeps growing. Even better, the where-to guide is accompanied by a how-to guide, which gives recipes for a sampling of dishes you might experience if and when you do make the trip."

A Few More Bites, PBS: Julia Child & The Master Chefs (September, 2000)

"When I go online, I look for much more than recipes, and this site's a real education in food and culture. Some days it concentrates on Turkish food, say, with good original recipes and commentary by really knowledgeable people. The editor, Kate Heyhoe, is one of the best food writers in the country. I try to visit the site often just to see what she's thinking."

Mollie Katzen, host of "Mollie Katzen's Cooking Show" on PBS and author of many cookbooks, including the "Moosewood Cookbook (1977)" and "Honest Pretzels (1999)," writing in Health Magazine's 25 Best Web Sites for Women in April 2000

"Unpretentious, quality, traditional food magazine, from editor Kate Heyhoe; regular departments, features, and recipe archive with wide range of recipes, mostly from cookbooks and chefs; high quality, diverse, appealing. Good cookbook review section and archive..."

My Food Directory September 2000

"Founded in 1994, this quirky and informative site is the brainchild of Thomas Way and Kate Heyhoe, who roared onto the gastronomic freeway early and have built a strong, entertaining site. When I called up some of the seasonal menus, I got more history and etymology about ingredients than I could digest in one sitting, but the recipes worked well..."

—Bryan Miller, "A Food Site for Every Appetite," New York Times September 22, 1999

"Not your mother's 'Joy of Cooking,' this hip site serves up cooking tips, easy-to-follow recipes and culinary news."

—Beatrice's Web Guide,

" is chock full of interesting stuff."

—Bart Ziegler, writing in the Personal Technology column, Wall Street Journal January 8, 1998

"Imagine the gallery reception. There you are among the wine and cheese crowd and you need a primer on how to speak to them. Enter, with recipes, recommendations, and lighthearted food fun to ensure the success of any swanky soiree."

"Culinary cultists will crave to digest this tasty page. Probably one of the best sites delegated to cooking on the Web. Huge helpings of everything palatable. Enjoy."

Excite Food & Drink Reviews January 1997

"The favorite site: Foodwine with a 73 out of 100 rating. It rated tops in visual appeal, ease of navigation and up-to-date information and was found extremely useful by 57% of respondents."

USA TODAY/Intelliquest Survey December 19, 1996

"The premier foodie web publication..."

—Gary Holleman, author of Food and Wine Online writing in his online newsletter, June 11, 1996

"...a number of outstanding electronic magazines, or e-zines, as they are called, are dedicated to food and dining. One of the most accessible for professional and amateur chefs is the popular electronic Gourmet Guide."

New York Times December 13, 1995

Selected Cool Site of the Day (December 28, 1994)