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Chocolats Le Francais


Tasting Notes by Alice Medrich

Chocolats Le Francais Fleur De Lait Bar

Chocolats Le Francais

Rich brown color.

The aroma is mellow, rich, and chocolatey. The melt is sensuously smooth, thick and creamy. Velvet.

This is very balanced and very rich blend of deep chocolate and rich fresh creamy milk flavor with caramel undertones. The depth of chocolate flavor is extraordinary in a milk chocolate without excess sweetness or distracting flavor spikes. Both the flavor and mouth feel are long and lingering. This is heavenly milk chocolate.


Chocolats Le Francais Acapella Bar

Dark brown color. Good snap, quick very smooth melt.

Heady bittersweet aroma infused with vanilla.

This is a complex chocolate, both tart and sweet with some herbaceous grassy notes, a slight flavor of bitter lemon peel, lots of vanilla, and a litte tea-like tannin. The finish is slightly astringent but "sweet" as a result of the pervasive vanilla.


Chocolats Le Francais Macademia Bar

This very enticing chocolate bar has a rich aroma of toasted macademias!

Jim Graham has created a very smooth, easy to eat, dark but slightly creamy chocolate especially to partner the subtle buttery flavor and soft crisp texture of these unique nuts. No easy feat. As a result the macademias take center stage, lightly toasted and wonderfully crunchy. This is the most successful chocolate macademia bar I have ever tasted.

Alice Medrich  
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