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Alice Medrich

Alice Medrich

Alice Medrich is an author, pastry chef, and teacher. She is the only two-time recipient of the James Beard "Cookbook of the Year Award." Her first book, Cocolat: Extraordinary Chocolate Desserts (Warner, 1990) also won the Perrier Award for Best Food Photography, the IACP "Julia Child Award" for the best first cookbook, and "Best Book" in the Bread, Baking, and Sweets category. Her second book, Chocolate and the Art of Low-Fat Desserts (Warner Books, 1994) also won a Beard Award for the best book in the Healthy Focus category.

Alice began making chocolate news in 1976 when she founded the former, renowned San Francisco Bay Area chocolate and dessert company, Cocolat. The large sized American Chocolate Truffle was born in Alice's kitchen. She became America's "First Lady of Chocolate" (Entrepreneur Magazine) expanding Cocolat to seven stores before selling the company in 1990. During the Cocolat years, Alice contributed to the food revolution by insisting on a standard of pure ingredients, quality and sophistication unparalleled in the baking and candy industries. For her leadership, she was awarded the prestigious Wine and Food Achievement Award from the American Institute of Wine and Food in 1991. In addition to consulting and recipe development, Alice writes for magazines such as Bon Appetit, Food and Wine, Cooks Illustrated, and Fine Cooking. She was a featured chef with Julia Child in the PBS Television series, Baking with Julia, and contributed to the New Joy of Cooking for Scribner Books. Alice lives in Berkeley, California


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