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Questions & Answers

Dear Foodwine.com,

We are going to have a wild game feast next month. Could you direct me to some sites or info on rabbit, turtle, deer meat & fish?

Thank you

Wayne C. Estep

Dear Wayne,

I strongly recommend John Manikowski's Wild Fish and Game Cookbook. If you look in our website archives under the issues for 12/97 and 11/96, you'll find a few sample recipes from the book. Or do a search under Manikowski. The recipes are unique (John's a professional chef and hunter), and the book itself is awesome, and beautifully illustrated by the author.


- Editor

Turkey ---

Dear Foodwine.com,

Just curious about the recipe for Succulent Chicken

—what if I omit the salt???

Thank you.


Dear Anne,

You can omit or reduce the salt. It doesn't affect the cooking process, just makes it taste bland.

- Editor


Dear Ms. Heyhoe:

Could you please tell me how I could obtain a list of Julia Child Cookbook Awards from the first year they were given to the present? I can easily find which cookbooks received awards for 1998, but not for any other year. Thanks so much for your help!


Vicki MacKenzie

Dear Vicki,

The International Association of Culinary Professionals sponsors the Julia Child Awards.>


Contact them directly at 502/581-9786 in Louisville, KY. They'll be happy to give you any information on past winners you might need.

- Editor


Kudos & Comments

Dear Foodwine.com,

I had to say thank you. I love good cole slaw and have been attempting to make it for years but was unable to get it quite right, that is, until now.

It's delicious and I'm grateful. I will definitely check out your other recipes since I now know that you know what good really is.

Your cole slaw loving friend,

Annie Price


Dear Foodwine.com,

Hi! I just love your website! It's always great to run into a "chocoholic" comrade! :)

I've got a "Gourmet Brownie of the Month Club" that I just made available nationwide—we've just filled a bunch of orders for college students, and we're anticipating a wonderful holiday season in the next few weeks.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration!


Pilgrim ---

Dear Foodwine.com,

HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME??? How can you put things like this on the internet? I just sat here and virtually put on 30 pounds!

What a yummy way to go! I look forward to being "in" !!

Linda G. Hart
San Mateo CA


Dear Foodwine.com,

Re: eGG-Roll

I do love getting this.......Thanks to all who make it possible!!!!



Dear Foodwine.com,

I would like to get any newsletter, or whatever else is emailed to people. I heard your information is great.


Peggy Locke



I'd just like to thank you, and Debbie Mazo, for the NetFood Digest. The reviews are as fantastic as the sites you choose to feature. I just found several great food-related sites that I had never seen.

I like your pages so much, I've picked you to be my 'Tasty Site of the Week'. I run a website, Don's Kitchen, and each week I feature a new 'Tasty' website. This week it's the NetFood Digest.

You'll find the link to your page at:


Thanks again for the great info and keep up the good work.

Don Whitaker


Dear Foodwine.com,

Thanks for such yummy recipes!




I have just visited Global Gourmet website. Yes, it is valuable.

I like the cooking with kids section and the wine tasting notes.

So we decide to link your site from: https://www.terroir.com/wine/foodlinks.htm

If you need further information, don t hesitate to contact me.

Greetings from France

Philippe Blasco


Dear Foodwine.com,

What a great idea.

I didn't even know you existed! This makes each nights dinner that much more fun. Making dishes from all over the world!



The Medium Is the Message

Dear Foodwine.com,

I am an email novice so please help. I replied to a request on the message board using the reply option. After laboriously typing out a long recipe, I didn't know how to send it. I thought it got sent automatically but it hasn't appeared there. Please help!

Lanny Rootenberg

Dear Lanny,

Normally you would preview your reply using the large PREVIEW button at the end of the reply page. The Preview page allows you to either edit your reply or POST it, which is the same as send.

There is a Help button on most pages.

We recommend typing long responses in a word processor or notes program, saving it, then copying and pasting it into the reply area. That way, especially with a recipe, you now have your own digital copy.


- Editor


Dear Foodwine.com,

Do you think the time has come to reorganize the message board? There seem to be be similar entries on almost every board...people seeking recipes on "Professional Messages" is getting ridiculous. Some have posted recipe requests on four separate boards...and shouldn't free advertising be put on a separate board so those who access it are expecting a pitch for products? Just an idea.

Jim Hewitt

Dear Jim,

We welcome anyone wishing to volunteer to help with our Message Boards or any other part of our website. In order to maintain all our sites with a small staff, some areas get less attention than we'd like.


- Editor


Search for the Malibu Chicken

Dear Foodwine.com,

I am new to the internet and am not really sure how to do a search for the item I want so I thought you might be able to help me. I am looking for a recipe for Malibu Chicken. I would really appreciate any help. Thanks so much.

Janice of Calif.

Dear Janice,

Just go to our main page on America Online at keyword: eGG, then click on the Recipes button, then on the Search button and follow the instructions.

You can also go out to our website from our main page at keyword: eGG and look for the Search link near the bottom right side of our main web page.

Good luck.

- Editor

Dear Foodwine.com,

I did all that and found no recipe for Malibu Chicken so I thought you might have another idea. Thanks so much for your help. Guess not all recipes are covered on the net.


Dear Janice,

You might also try a large Internet Search engine, like Yahoo, Alta Vista or Infoseek.

Yahoo is at www.yahoo.com. Links to some of the other search engines appear at the bottom of the Yahoo page after you do your first search.

- Editor


AOL from the Web

Dear Foodwine.com,

Question: You say in your description of your AOL offering that "you cannot get to AOL from the Web unless you are a member". Can you tell me how to get to AOL from the Web if you ARE a member of AOL?


Mike Frumer

Dear Mike,

If you are a member of AOL, connect to the Internet via your ISP (rather than directly through AOL's phone numbers). Launch the AOL application (version 3.0 or 4.0) and choose "TCP for LAN or ISP" as your location in AOL's pop-up menu on the sign-on screen. You can then access AOL via your ISP, or if you find an AOL link on the web (format: aol://4344:4006.ggmain.20841498.534739043) using an independent browser like Netscape, clicking on the link will connect you instantly to the AOL site.

This is also a great solution if you encounter busy dial-up numbers on AOL. You can even get a cheaper rate for AOL if you use an ISP connection on a regular basis. Check AOL's Help area for more info.

You can also connect to AOL's website directly at www.aol.com for more information.


- Editor


Server Errors

Dear Foodwine.com,

We are trying to access the recipes and are getting server errors on all of the Halloween ones???

Max & Ida Wheeler

Dear Max & Ida,

There was a small error in the Internet address (aka URL) for some pages, which has been fixed.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Please note that if you still encounter the problem, you may have to Purge or Clear your browser's cache to eliminate the old files invisibly downloaded to your hard drive. Check your browser Help file for more info on caches.

We do appreciate everyone who lets us know when they encounter errors on our server. We always try to fix any problems as quickly as possible.


- Editor


Winners & Losers


Just wanted to drop you another note to thank you for your great site, fun games and terrific products! I received the Lora Brody bread aids and cookbooks yesterday and they are lovely! I can't wait to try the bread enhancers!

Thanks again for such a nice website. Can't wait for a return visit!

Warmest regards,

Julieta Bradychok


Dear Foodwine.com,

Thank you so much.

I think my husband is more excited than I am about the win. He is the breadmaker in the family and loves to try new recipes. I love your site and now he is on the computer looking it over. I think you have another customer.


Christine Wilbik


Dear Foodwine.com,

Thanks again!

I received my wonderful breadmaking kit and cookbooks yesterday. I know I will have many loaves of great tasting bread and I can hardly wait to start trying the recipes.

Lorna Solberg


Dear Foodwine.com,

Every month for a year, I have carefully researched the questions in the Gourmet Guess section and have scored at least a 10. I have never won a prize despite my research. I thing that you should raise the ante—make a score of 10 the entry level for the prize lottery. This at least would make all that research worthwhile.

Michelle Labow

Dear Michelle,

Though the winners are picked randomly by a computer program from everyone scoring at least 7 points, the average score of the winners since 1994 has been 9.5. Though nearly a hundred thousand people check out the game each month, we average about 10,000 completed entries. So the odds of winning are better than the state lotteries—but its still not easy.

Hopefully you do have fun playing Gourmet Guess and researching the answers, since that's the reason most people play it.

Over 500 entrants have won prizes in Gourmet Guess since 1994—see the preceding letters above.


- Editor


To Kate Heyhoe and everyone at the eGG,

Thanks so very much for sending me the Good & Garlicky, Thick & Hearty, Soul-Satisfying, More-Than-Minestrone Italian Soup Cookbook by Joe Famularo [The prize in the Match-It game on our AOL site—Ed.]. What I find especially delightful is that this is not a book I was going to purchase, but I am enjoying all Famularo's vignettes about his family and eating in Italy. It's also quite a thrill to win a prize! Thanks again, and of course I'll stay tuned to GG for creative tips and culinary backgrounds.

Yours truly,

Christopher DeBarr


Be Careful with Chiles!


Hi there, I tried the recipe by Mimi for chiles, the one whereby you cut the stems off and quarter the chiles and remove the seeds, put them together with carrots etc.....Only thing Mimi neglects to inform us about is that you should use gloves to cut the chiles and while removing the seeds.

I have been badly burned by doing this portion of the recipe. Pickled chiles is the one I am referring to. I have been soaking my hands in cold water and ice for a good 4 hours now. I think someone should warn the viewers of this dilemma. I am not allergic to the seeds or chiles themselves. I wanted to double her recipe so I had a lot of chiles to deseed and cut.

Please inform the viewers as soon as possible, I would hate to have someone else go through the same ordeal that I have been going through.


JuanitaYo........Hijole this stuff really burns.

Juanita Landero
San Francisco CA

Dear Juanita,

We heartily recommend care when handling chiles of any kind. As you probably know, chiles, even of the same species, can be individually hotter than expected—and some species are much hotter than others.

It is also important to remember a general principle in cooking—never simply double the ingredients in a written recipe and expect the same taste. Chiles and other powerful ingredients should be added incrementally—and tasted—before changing a recipe you haven't made previously.

- Editor


Indian Cookbooks

Hi Kate,

My name is Harshila and I have always had a fascination with cookbooks and frustrations ofcourse. In short, one evening I was at "Waldenbooks and More" and I ran into an American recipe book, called "500 All Time Great Recipes w/ Illustrations." The fact that every recipe had a vivid and illuminous picture enamored me to this book. I hate recipe books that have great recipes but no pictures to back it up, because personally it is a waste of money on something that is in the end discouraging. Do you know what I mean by? I feel the same way about Indian recipe books as well. Running across this awesome book, gave me concern to e-mail you. I am writing to you from a public workstation of Georgia State University, therefore you can e-mail me at harshila@[email-address-removed].

I'm an excellent cook and I'm 22. I love to cook Indian because it's chemistry is a mystery all itself. It challenges me rigorously. I started cooking chappatis at the age of 8 for my entire family, so I'm an expert at it. I started cooking other items later on and I haven't left the kitchen since. My older brother brags about my chappatis, and at my speed and proficiency at them to the rest of my family members on a reminiscing basis since we live 1350 miles apart.

My concern stems from the frustration of the lack of pictures in Indian cookbooks. I understand there are picture costs and production costs involved in producing books. No one ever said that recipe books are an instant profit. It's like this, you the author, say Indian cooking is so good and that your book is the best in the Indian cooking industry, well then God darn it prove it with real color and realistic sized pictures, not sketches or vivid verbal descriptions. If you can concoct the extraordinary Indian recipe book with pictures (real-life pictures), with a list of common Indian spices and recipes on spice blends, then I will pay the price to buy that book.

Thank you for your time,

Clarkston, Ga

Illustrations appearing in the text are Copyright © 1994-1998 Alma Shon.


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