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Kudos & Comments

Dear Foodwine.com,

Yours is a great magazine...lots of competent and capable commentary.


Peter Wiseman
Bendigo VIC Australia


Asparagus Dear Foodwine.com,

I appreciate the resources your website offers, especially as I am a culinary student and adventurer. The site give great accessibility for tons of information that is greatly appreciated. Thanks!



Dear Foodwine.com,

Found it by surfing the web. For years I've been searching for a recipe for Sourdough Starter and would you believe I found it today in GG. Thank you for making it available.

I have been retired for almost two years and have just gotten into this computer stuff since then. I find your Global Gourmet Cookbook to be something I'm really enjoying. I like all your short stories that accompany many of these recipes. Have been gathering recipes for years and plan on adding yours to my collection. Thank you again.

Blanche Potter


Dear Kate,

I liked the site so much on my first visit that I intend to come back. I looked at the South African part because I needed a recipe for bobotie—now I have it!. So I looked further and discovered a minor detail you may wish to update.

I live in Kenya, so I know the local people quite well. The photograph on the menu page (...destinations/southafrica/safrmenu.html) looks like leaping Maasai. (They leap high and they land light). But the caption reads "Zulu dancers", (whose dance is quite different with warlike gestures). Could you have got the captions mixed up?

Warm regards from a culinary collector,


Dear Mik,

The photograph in question was provided by a stock photography company and their caption and index both refer to the photo as Zulu dancers. Since you live in Kenya, perhaps you could send us a digital photo of Maasai for comparison?


- Editor


Lawful Chinese-Vietnamese Food

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim / In the Name of GOD, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Assalamu 'alaikum dear Ms. Heyhoe,

Tomato My name is Eric Koenig and less than 7 years ago I converted to Islam. As such, my dietary habits had to undergo a major change. No pork, no alcohol etc. Near where I used to live in South Orange County, CA, there were no restaurants that specialized in foods that catered to Muslim needs, but now that I live near Garden Grove, where there is a large Muslim population, I have had the enormous good fortune to come across a Chinese-Vietnamese Halal restaurant. "Halal" just means the food is "lawful", ie OK to eat. I don't know where you live, but, if you are ever in southern California and are passing through Orange County, please by all means be sure to stop by the Chinese-Vietnamese Halal restaurant on Brookhurst near the corner of Hazard in Garden Grove. The food is delicious, health-consciously prepared, and so very reasonably priced you will never want to go home again! I really enjoy good food of all kinds, and I hope you will do some research (if you have not already) into various Muslim cuisines. Thank you for your time.

Wa 'alaikum assalam,
Yours in Allah (SWT),

Eric Neil Koenig, Hajji


Can You Spell Gewürztraminer?


I really enjoy reading your work and I even try things out and I am very surprised how it turns out and how my guests appreciate what I cook. But the only thing what is bothering me is the spelling mistakes in the recepies (sic). Since I come from Austria I have noticed that some of the dishes are not written correctly and that is not good. To me it seems that these mistakes do change everything what it otherwise would be. So I would appreciate if you could take better care of the writing! Thanks again, for your work and I do like what you do.


Dear Reader,

We love comments and criticisms, but if you find errors, please give us specifics and locations so we can correct them.


- Editor


Dear Kate,

Your Global Gourmet site looks absolutely brilliant! I am particularly fascinated by the fact that even my home country Germany is included. Seeing that for most people Germany would not be one of the country that sping to mind when thinking about culinary issues or delicious meals. The reason why I am sending you this email: I noticed the term: Weinerschnitzel on the Austrian page. This is really nitpicking but you have a spell error there. It should be: Wiener Schnitzel.

Weiner is not really a German word (or probably even Austrian), as a 'sort of' German word, it would have to do with vintner (or wine in any shape or form), or someone who cries.

Just thought you may want to know (as if you were only waiting for those readers with the annoying habit of sending you the 'gaff' corrections!). All the best, carry on with the good work.

Giselle Frank
Great Britain

Dear Giselle,

The Food Lover's Companion by Sharon Tyler Herbst (1990, 1997) lists the spelling both ways. Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1994) agrees with you and separates the two words. Any other readers have an opinion?

- Editor


Cooking with Kids

Dear Foodwine.com,

My name's Pam. I'm a mom who is trying to teach her children about other countries. I would like to give them some general information, but also make a dish that kids in other countries like to eat. I plan on focusing on a different country each week. I also would like to make a craft from that country.

Do you have any advice for me on where I should start to find the recipes? There are so many for the different countries, I'm not sure how to choose. Plus, I want it to be what children like to eat in the particular country. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!


Dear Pam,

I recommend starting with our Destinations section here on Global Gourmet (www.foodwine.com/destinations/, or AOL keyword: GG). Not every country is represented yet, but probably enough to keep you going for long time, maybe even a year. We also feature Food, Family and Fun, with a new recipe appearing each week.

My book Cooking with Kids for Dummies is due out on Spring 1999 and will be packed with kid-friendly international recipes. Look for it in March, 1999 at bookstores everywhere and online at Amazon.com.

Good luck!

- Kate Heyhoe


Mollie's Recipes

Dear Foodwine.com,

Since you are featuring Mollie Katzen, I'd like to know why, on her TV show, she is the only show that does not give the recipe. She dumps ingredients into pans or bowls, and goes on without saying the amount. Other shows will print the recipe so it can be copied in order to duplicate the recipe. Any suggestions for Mollie in her interview?

Corabelle Remy
Albia IA

Dear Corabelle,

Thank you for your inquiry regarding Mollie Katzen and our feature which appeared this past summer. I forwarded your comments to her and here's her thoughtful reply:


"Regarding the person who wishes I would post recipes on the screen, please tell her that it was a difficult decision, but we had to choose between showing MORE recipes or showing fewer recipes and saying more about each. Most other TV hosts make only 2 or perhaps 3 dishes in the 26 minutes. I make 5! I would not be able to cook as many things if I allotted the time to showing recipe text. I regret this very much, but will be happy to e-mail her any recipes she desires. Thank her (and you) for the feedback."

Yours was agood question and I hope this answers it. I also suggest an even simpler way to get Mollie's recipes: buy the book! : D with all 200 recipes from the show, it's really quite a bargain—and with Mollie's illustrations, it's such fun to look at! I've enjoyed my copy thoroughly.


- Kate Heyhoe


Evaporators Anonymous

Dear Foodwine.com,

I want to know if I cook with wine will the alcohol evaporate? I am in AA and need to know.

Thank you.


Dear Elbert,

Dr. Joe Lavilla wrote an extensive piece on the subject entitled Cooking with Wine for us. It's in the archived issues, November 1997. You should be just fine, but to learn more, please read the article.

- Kate Heyhoe


An Educated Guess

Dear Foodwine.com,

I entered your Gourmet Guess contest today and may have found an error. Question 9 refers to the shape of a chalupa. A chalupa is a flat tortilla topped with several ingredients, much like a tostada. I think the subject of a special shaped, deep fried, filled tortilla is a chimichanga.

Thanks for the great recipes and information.

Dana Ciappini

Dear Dana,

This is quoted from the best contemporary authority we know, Sharon Tyler Herbst, who has written and edited several major food dictionaries:

Chalupa: Spanish for "boat" or "launch" a chalupa is a corn tortilla dough formed into a small boat shape and fried until crisp. It's then usually filled with shredded beef, pork or chicken, vegetables, cheese or a combination of these, and served as an appetizer.

- from the The Food Lover's Companion (A Barron's Cooking Guide) 1990

A chimichanga, a specialty of Sonora, Mexico, is actually a burrito that has been deep-fried, though like all foods, the same name may have been given to variations.

Thanks for playing Gourmet Guess!

- Editor


Dear Foodwine.com,

What's up with the Gourmet Guess? Is it not updated on a monthly basis anymore? Please advise—the questions are great, informative and interesting!

Tamara Bandstra
Grand Haven MI

Dear Tamara,

Gourmet Guess is a monthly contest except for July-August when we extend it over two months during our vacation season. The new Gourmet Guess game is now online and offers ten great prizes.

Glad you enjoy it!

- Editor


Dear Foodwine.com,

I won Mastercook Deluxe in your June contest. Thank you so much, it was such a thrill. I've been playing Gourmet Guess for about 3 years now.

Look forward to receiving your newsletter each month.

Susan Fink


Printing recipes

Dear Foodwine.com,

Why can't I print some of your great recipes??? Tricia Flynn

Dear Tricia,

You can print recipes from our site with most operating systems and browsers. For some systems and browsers you may have to click once inside the recipe text before printing. Check your computer's printing preferences and verify that you can print from other web pages. If you continue to have problems printing, please send us detailed information about your computer, operating system and version, and browser and version that you use.

- Editor


Chats on AOL

Hi there,

I am on a new system at work and am trying to find my friends in the eGG Chatroom with no success. Do I have to load AOL to get into this chatroom. This is setup with a local server. mv.communications in Manchester NH. I would like to be able to get into the eGG chatroom because the chefs I am working with for a gala event are all in there. Is there a way to link into this chat??

Would really appreciate some help with this. On your website page it does not list anything except the message boards.

Thanking you in advance for your assistance.

Manchester NH

Dear Yvonne,

To access AOL from a separate ISP you must:

1. Still be a member of AOL

2. Log on to your ISP first

3. Launch AOL software

4. Choose TCP/IP instead of Home as the preferred AOL connection method in the pop-up menu on the sign-on window.

Please note that you cannot access eGG's AOL chat rooms via Netscape. You must use the AOL software.

- Editor


Page Errors


I tried to get to the following URL but recieved an error.


By the way, very nice web site.


Ken Baugh
Saudi Aramco

Dear Ken,

Occasionally our programming team makes an error. Thanks to emails like yours, we can correct them quickly. As we make our transistion to the Global Gourmet from foodwine.com, you may find links to old pages that have been removed that will give you an error. You can report this with the email link directly from the error page and we'll let you know if that page has been removed or if it was simply an error that we can correct.


- Editor


Shops Closed But...

Dear Foodwine.com,

Help!!! Every time I try to order ANYTHING from Foodwine.com Shops, it tells me that the page is not available on the server or that the link is outdated. I've been trying for 2 hours to order from Legal Sea Foods...I don't think you can sell very much if the software won't place orders...

Please mail back with suggestions.


Charles Coe

Dear Charles,

The Global Gourmet Shops on AOL and our website have closed. You can now order gourmet foods, cookware, wine and gifts through one of our sponsors GourmetMarket.com.


- Editor

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