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Kudos & Comments

Cooking with Kids

Miss Kate,

Just saw your cookbook "Cooking with Kids For Dummies" and it looks real good. I have a question though. Are there any ethnic recipes included? My 9 year old son's class has been studying various continents and must do a project on each. The teacher has included cooking a recipe from each as one of the possible projects and since we haven't done this yet we thought we would give it a shot. This month it is Africa. Do you have any suggestions?

Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

Frank Graham

Hi, Frank,

Yes there are quite a few ethnic recipes in Cooking with Kids For Dummies—Chinese BBQ Pork, Middle Eastern Hummus, Indian Lassi, a Jamaican style salsa, numerous Italian and Mexican ones, and many others. But if you're looking for African, check out the Global Destinations section of the Global Gourmet, or go to AOL keyword: GG. Look in the West Africa folder—you'll find lots of nifty info and recipes! Hope you pick up a copy of Cooking with Kids For Dummies for yourself and family—it's getting a really great response!


Kate Heyhoe


Food World

Dear Kate:

I am doing a Social Studies Project for school. I need to know what the Native Food for the Bahamas is, and also if you have a recipe with that food in it so I can make it and serve it for my class and teacher. It doesn't matter if it is a appetizer or a dessert. Whatever you would think would be best for my class of 30.

Thank you.

Matthew Masur

Hi Matthew,

You should visit my Global Gourmet site at AOL keyword: GG. Look in the Destinations folder for Jamaica—you'll find plenty of information. We also maintain a web version at Global Destinations

Also, do a recipe search on AOL at keyword: eGG for Jamaica—it will locate a few more recipes.

A final tip: Jamaica is famous for its allspice, used in many dishes.

Hope this help. Let me know how it goes!

Kate Heyhoe



Your website is terrific. I am looking for a recipe specifically from Sao Tome in Africa. My son is doing a report on the country. Thanks.


Hi Joanie,

Our Global Destinations area includes only selected countries and regions. The tiny country of Sao Tome is not specifically covered but since it is an island off the coast of West Africa, perhaps a West African recipe might be appropriate.



1-2-3 Contact


I was hoping you could steer me to where I can get the cookbook author Jane Brody's email address or some online address where I can contact her. Could you help?

Thanks so much.


Hi Leslie,

Try contacting her publisher. I'm not sure who her most recent publisher is, but you can do an author search at Amazon.com or barnesandnoble.com. Then contact the publisher and ask for the publicist assigned to her book.

Good luck!

Kate Heyhoe



I am doing a report on famous French Chefs. I chose Marcel Desaulniers. The problem is, that I cannot find enough information on him. If you could direct me to a site that will inform me of things like age, birthdate, and life of Marcel Desaulniers I would be grateful. If this cannot be done, perhaps you could inform me of a place where I can reach him at, such as a website, e-mail, or address. Your time has been appreciated greatly, and I hope to here from you soon.


Hi Allison,

In response to your query, I wrote Marcel and he responded:

I was born in the USA, and I am of French Canadian ancestry, so I probably will not be of interest to the inquirer. But, you are welcome to give them my e-mail address. Sweet Dreams, Marcel.

Marcel's address is GoGanache@[email-address-removed].

Hope this helps,

Kate Heyhoe


Gourmet Radio

I'm listening to WOR on the net and the show just mentioned your site and how he (didn't catch his name) thought it was a great site. So I'm checking it out and will probably spend the next hour here.

Carol Press
Toronto, Ontario

Dear Carol,

You probably heard about us on Arthur Schwartz's award-winning show, Arthur Schwartz with Food Talk...

Thanks for the email—hope you liked what you heard on the radio and saw on our site. Please come back for more!

Kate Heyhoe


Pockets & Pantyhose

Hi Kate,

I was reading a column you wrote on May 29th, 1998 about sweet onions. Noticed your suggestion for using pantyhose to store onions. Thought you might like to know about a new product of ours called Ripe-N-Pockets. It is a string of hanging fabric pockets that both ripen and store fruits and vegetables. It's really terrific. Our website is www.ripen-it.com. I would be happy to send you a sample if you would like to see it.

Joan Watsbaugh
Profiles Products

Hi, Joan,

I would love to try your product, Ripe-N-Pockets. Not being very fond of pantyhose myself (they, like high heels, are a curse against women!), your product sounds like it's worth a shot. In fact, I could have used it this week to ripen the mangos for my June columns on Latin American salsas. Please send it to the address below, and thanks for thinking of me!

By the way, I was pleased to see that in your produce tips, you mention that onions and potatoes should never be stored together. Here's another tip I've developed and never seen anywhere else (I include this tip in my book, Cooking with Kids For Dummies; if you wish to use it, please link to the Global Gourmet or give proper credit): Freeze lemons and limes whole—no need to squeeze the juice out before freezing. Pull them out as you need them, then thaw in the microwave for a minute or so. The juice tastes as good as fresh, but I wouldn't recommend using the peel for zest. It's great for buying lemons and limes in bags when they're on sale, and to always have fresh juice available no matter what season it is.

Kate Heyhoe


Don't Screw This Up

Hello... I'm looking for three replacement screw spirals for a lever model Le Creuset Screwpull. Can I order from you, or, if not, can you tell me where from? Thanks.

Peter Schoeffer

Dear Peter,

You can contact Le Creuset at 1-800-CREUSET, they make the Screwpull. By the way, the Screwpull Lever comes with a 2-year warranty. If the replacements are needed due to defect, the model may fall under the warranty provisions.

Kate Heyhoe



I would like to find out if the Screwpull Lever Model LX Stand can be purchased separately? I tried to pull up a picture of the stand on-line but was unsuccessful. Could you describe what it looks like? By chance, do you happen to sell the wooden boxes for the Screwpull Lever Model LX?

The screwpull wine opener I purchased came in a cardboard box. I would like to be able to purchase a nice wooden box or a stand for it.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Cheryl Richardson

Dear Cheryl,

Thank you for allowing us this moment of dialogue! To answer your questions, Cheryl: Indeed the Lever Stand may be purchased separately for about $25.00.

It looks sort of like a horse hoof and the Lever's metal piece, that extends behind the screw, rests inside. The Screwpull lever LX is too pretty to put away, display it on your counter or your bar!

I'm afraid the only wooden box is made for the Waiter's Friend-- wine key (Pocket size).

Looking forward to speaking with you soon,

Amelia Barrett & Lauren Peck
Le Creuset


Write Now

Your website is an interesting read and chocked with informative articles. I am an avid reader and a freelance writer. Please e-mail me your writers guidelines. Thank you for your consideration.

D. Jane Hall
Omaha, NE

Dear Jane,

Currently we do not purchase freelance articles. If you are interested in submitting articles, please email at least three writing samples to our main address in either MS Word or text format.

Thanks for your kind comments.



Quick Tips

Do you still do Quick Tips? and if so, where do I find them on your site? Thanks.


Dear Culinary,

The area still exists in the AOL-only archives, but it's not active. Go to AOL keyword: eGG, click on A La Carte, then on the eGG on AOL Archives, then on Cooking Tips. Unfotunately, the quantity and quality of the tips we received from readers wasn't high enough to continue it as an active feature.




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