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Kudos & Comments

Dear Foodwine.com,

Thank you so much for your conversion tables and charts. My French exchange student has been struggling for months, trying to adapt his "home recipes" to my measuring cups and spoons, not to mention oven temperatures. You cannot imagine cream bruille that is cooked too long!

Thanks to pages like yours that give freely of their time and information, we're eating French tonight....for real.

Can't tell you what a help just your page was. It is really appreciated!

Betty St. John & Olivier Paquier


Dear Foodwine.com,

I really love this page. It helps me find many different web sites with great recipes. I look forward to new sites every month. Keep up the great work.

Winemaker DROPTOPQT@[email-address-removed]


Dear Foodwine.com,

Really enjoy this site. Thanks for including current holiday tips and ideas.

c/o Kamal Sethia


Dear Foodwine.com,

I love the new recipes and I'm always anxious to try them.

Dorothy Besch
Sun Valley CA


Dear Foodwine.com,

I enjoyed your article on Simple Recipes for the Bento Box. If you are ever interested in the gourmet fast food Bento trend that is sweeping the Pacific Northwest please give me a call. I started the trend in Portland Oregon in 1987 and it is going well.

Keep up the great articles.

Dan "Big Dan" Mosley
Beaverton OR


Horseradish Seeds


I am looking for a horseradish plant(s) or seeds or whatever. I can't find any. Can you help me?


Wayne Cunningham

Editor's Note: We forwarded this to our resident horseradish expert and she replied:

Hi Wayne:

Try contacting J.R, Kelly Company, 701 S. Bluff Road, Collinsville, IL. 62234 618-344-2910.

Collinsville, IL. is the horseradish capital of the world. 80 percent is grown in this area. J.R. Kelly company is the company that all of the farmers take their horseradish to and they are the processing plant in this area.

Dennis the gentlemen that runs the plant is very nice and he just mights send you a sucker root.

Judy McCann


Old Rolls

Dear Foodwine.com,

I'm not sure if the product I used this morning was safe. I made some cinnamon rolls and ran out of eggs, so had to use some 'break-free' instead. After making the rolls I looked at the package only to realize the sell date on the package was 9/9/98. Since these were not open, am I to assume the rolls will be safe to eat? I'm not sure who to ask. Can you help me?


Dear Katy,

Hmmm, over 6 months since the sell-by date....I'd advise you not to eat them. They may not have gone bad, but you don't want to risk it. At the very least, they're likely not to taste very good.

Kate Heyhoe


Egg Painting

Dear Foodwine.com,

I came from a site containing information about the history of egg painting and I was wondering if I could find out what the sources of that information are. I am doing a research paper concering the painting of eggs and need to find out as much historical information as possible.

Thank you for you time,

Rev. Jim Kotsonis
Waco TX

Dear Rev. Jim,

Ian Makay, a wonderful food historian, wrote an article several years ago that included the history of egg painting. It begins at the URL below:


You may also want to visit this article:


You can try emailing him at ianmakay@[email-address-removed].


Kate Heyhoe


Perfect Hardboiled Eggs

Dear Kate,

What are the methods of hardboiling eggs so they are boiled properly and peel easily?


Dear Donna, You must have missed my Kate's Global Kitchen column in early April. Check it out for great hard-cooked egg instructions, tips and recipes.

Kate Heyhoe



Dear Foodwine.com,

Just read Brigit Legere Binns book "Polenta". It's great but, if you have any contact with her, tell her she left out the best. That is "Polenta e Bacala". My favorite !! The first time I was in Italy many years ago, my wife and I were staying in Verona at the Due Torre Hotel. It's a DeLuxe and didn't serve polenta. At that time it was still considered a peasant food and a spiffy place like that wouldn't serve it (like the Waldorff serving hog jowls). They did give me the name of a local restaurant that did serve polenta and when we went there, they had polenta and bacala. Heaven!! Thanks for listening,

Eugene Boggiatto

Editor's Note: We forwarded this to Brigit and she replied:

Dear Eugene,

Thanks for your letter about my book—I'm glad you liked it and that it is still finding new readers even after a few years. After I wrote 3 more cookbooks it still remains the most popular!

Although I lived in Spain for 3 years, salt cod, or baccala, is a taste I've never quite acquired, though I'll eat just about everything and anything else. Perhaps I've never had it cooked quite right, I know the soaking time and quality of the original dried cod are crucial to the result. Nevertheless, you're right I should have put it in the book because it is a staple of Italian polenta cuisine. Can you describe the dish? Was it soft or hard polenta, was there a sauce or was the baccala itself "saucy?" If there is ever a "Polenta, Book 2" I'll promise to research and include it.

By the way, my latest book "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Low-Fat Cooking" is out this month and includes a polenta recipe (of course!).


Brigit Binns


Italian Lesson

Dear Foodwine.com,

This month's Risotto's are just as terrific as the Pastas (in Pasta, Risotto & You).

But gloriosky, Nancy. The plural of "risotto" is "risotti," not "risotto's." That's like calling more than one biscotto "biscottis" or more than one raviolo "raviolis." and NOTHING takes pluralization by adding apostrophe's, except acronyms. To butcher the Italian tarnishes your expertise and, therefore, the credibility of the piece.

I don't mean to sound harsh, but you've cause my editorial bile to rise.

Allen Kelson

Editor's Note: We forwarded this to writer Nancy Caivano and she replied:

Dear Allen,

I had NO idea that the plural of Risotto was Risotti. Sorry about that!! We will be sure to correct it in all future articles.


Nancy Caivano


Message Boards

Dear Foodwine.com,

I am having a difficult time trying to get a message on your message board. I'm still trying to find a recipe for fresh mango salad dressing and would like to post my question but cannot do it. Thanks for your help.


Dear Councilman,

Go to the Message Boards, click the New message button, compose a message, click on Preview to confirm the message, then Post it.

- Global Gourmet


Dear Foodwine.com,

I do realize you're busy, but is there a way that I would be able to receive all message board questions/answers in my in-coming mail automatically? Really love your site, and check it out almost daily. Thanks for your help.


Dear John,

Are you referring to message boards on AOL or on the web? Our AOL message boards are maintained by America Online and use whatever current AOL software is available. Check AOL Help for more information. Our web server and the web message board software are currently unable to provide message board forwarding.

We will keep your suggestion in mind for our future web plans.


- Global Gourmet


Egg Roll

Dear Foodwine.com,

Do you have a recipe newsletter?? May I please subscribe. If there is any cost please let me know. My Mother in Law was Austrian and such a good cook!!. Her cookbook went astray when she died & I wish that I had a copy of it. Many thanks.

Bette Swanson

Dear Bette,

Here is the subscription information for our free monthly newsletter, The eGG-Roll.


- Global Gourmet


Kids' Chocolate


We are a Mexican company who wants to start exporting our product to the USA. Our chocolate is for kids and it's 100% real chocolate and with an excellent quality. Could you tell me where can I find some information about chocolate kids market?

Best Regards,

Nora Montero

Editor's Note: We forwarded this to writer Stephanie Zonis and she replied:

Dear Ms. Montero, The Global Gourmet forwarded your message to me, as I write their I Love Chocolate column. I was very interested to see that someone had thought of the idea of a high-quality chocolate geared specifically toward children; I've never heard of anything like that before.

I've been doing some looking around for you, but I haven't come up with much. It was suggested to me that you check out American Demographics Magazine (the website is: www.demographics.com); I had another suggestion that you look on the Hershey's and M & M/Mars websites for ideas and possible information, as both gear their sites toward kids. Those websites are: www.hersheys.com and www.m-ms.com, respectively. Otherwise, you might speak to someone at The National Association for the Specialty Food Trade (NASFT), who put on three large trade shows per year in this country. Their phone number in New York City is (212) 482-6440.

I wish you good luck in your business. If you do manage to get to a point where American consumers can get your chocolate, even if it's only by mail-order, I would be interested in trying it myself. I am not a kid, it's true, but it would be nice if kids could have the option of better-quality chocolate than that currently marketed toward them.

Best regards,

Stephanie Zonis
"I Love Chocolate"


eGG Hunt

Regarding the eGG Hunt contest you just had, I noticed that there was no winners at all from Canada. Are we ineligible for these contests???? I got to the contest from my home page at the Golden Triangle.

Just enquiring for any future contests you may have.


Hi Rish,

We have been doing eGG Hunts and other contests online for almost five years. We get less than 1% of our total entries from Canada, but in the past five years we have had at least three or four Canadian Gourmet Guess contest winners, plus a Canadian was a daily winner in last year's eGG Hunt.

The contest winners are picked randomly by computer from all valid entries. Since there are few Canadians in the total number of entries, chances that no one from Canada would win is normal. There were quite a number of US states that didn't have winners this year either. Thanks for playing,

- Global Gourmet


Dear Foodwine.com,

I really don't know who to thank, but I just have to write and tell you how much I have enjoyed the Womens Forum eGG Hunt. I didn't even KNOW some of these sites existed! I love them and appreciate so much having a fun way to look around. I am on the staff of the Great American Egg Hunt and we have three trails for kids and adults to go thru—but honestly, the sites aren't as great as these have been. Maybe you all would be interested in next year participating in our egghunt and having your website with a hidden egg that links it with another site. Please tell the ones responsible, how much I enjoyed the hunt and the BEAUTIFUL eggs!


Mary Price


Dear Foodwine.com,

I would like to say "Thank You" for the eGG Hunt. Look forward to it every year. This year I have even gotten my sister involved in the hunt. We have really been to some very beautiful and interesting sites and have them bookmarked so we can return to them for further study.

A suggestion for the ending of your hunt. Is it possible to list the name of the eggs and exactly where they are found at the end of this extravaganza? My sister and I would like to know where the eggs are that we couldn't find. Hope you will continue to have this in the future.

Thank you.


Editor's Note: The eGG Hunt did publish a list of all the eGGs and the sites where they were hidden. Thanks again to all who participated!


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