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Dear Foodwine.com,

Hello. I am a girl, who is doing the country of Argentina for a report. We have to bring in some food from our countries, and I do not know what to do. Do you know of any food that I do not have to cook for to long, and I can bring in for my class to eat?( please no soups or stews.)

This is urgent. So if you would be so kind as to answer me as soon as possible.

Thank you,


Dear Lauren,

You need to hone up your research skills!

At the Global Gourmet, in our main page index, we have two resources you'll find helpful: Global Destinations, which has country profiles including Argentina, with recipes; and the Search feature. I typed in Argentina and came up with several URL's, one of which is a column I wrote about The South American Grill which includes an easy recipe for Argentine Chimichurri Sauce. My suggestion: ask your parents to help you grill a steak or chicken pieces; cut them into bite-size servings and take them to school with the Chimichurri Sauce. If grilling is out of the question, then take the sauce by itself with some vegetables and bread for dipping.


Good luck and let me now how it goes.

Kate Heyhoe


Dear Foodwine.com,

Our radishes are in abundance now. Can the greens be used the same as turnip or beet greens? Thank you.

Jerry & Nora

Dear Jerry & Nora,

Yes, according to the new Joy of Cooking, you can prepare radish greens the same way as you would turnip greens. Or, simply toss them into a salad. Our own radishes are nearing harvest, so I'll be doing the same.

Kate Heyhoe


Dear Foodwine.com,

I would like to know where you can find the answers to the Gourmet Guess once you have already taken the quiz.

It told me I got 9 right and I disagree. After doing the quiz, I searched some of my answers and they came up with my answer.

Just would like to know if this is possible to get.

Risa Golding

Dear Risa,

Since 1994, the answers to every current Gourmet Guess quiz are published the following month. The link to the previous month's answers appears in the text before the current contest questions.

All questions and answers are researched and confirmed via at least two printed sources. We recommend avoiding Internet research since we have discovered many factual errors on websites over the years, including on the sites of major food manufacturers and on some sites purporting to be online "encyclopedias."

Remember, there are ten questions. The first nine are worth one point each. The final question is a bonus question from the sponsor worth two points (and the answer to that question always appears somewhere on our site). A perfect score would be eleven points. Anyone scoring at least seven points is entered into the drawing for the prizes.



Dear Foodwine.com,

How do you post a message on the message board? I'm a rookie and I want to help my daughter out with a school project.


Dear JRaex,

We have message boards on our website and also on our proprietary America Online site. Posting a message in either place is simple and there are help buttons on both.

If you go to www.foodwine.com on the web and click on the Message Boards link located in the navigation bar on the right side of the page, you go to the top Message Board page. Click on the general topic you want and near the top you will see a row of buttons. Just click on the New button and fill out the form. You don't need to fill out everything—your name, the subject and the message are all that are required. Then click on Preview Message buttton to make sure that's what you want to Post, and then Post the message.

Good luck.



Dear Kate:

I was wondering if you could suggest a restaurant that is reasonably priced serving an Easter Buffet. You see, this will be the first holiday my sisters and brother will all be together in one room. We were separated at a young age and somehow began to reunite throughout the years. Our pasts all have been terribly miserable. I'm taking one last attempt to unite all of us as a family once again. I know you are very busy, especially around the holidays. I will forever be grateful but will understand no response. I live in a southwest suburb of Cleveland. None of us make a great deal money and finances are tough.


Stephani C.

Dear Stephani,

I'm not familiar with your area, but if you're not up for cooking the meal, why not go the pre-cooked dinner route? Many supermarkets offer complete ham dinners with sides that are quite reasonable. Also, consider a picnic in a park. Carving a pre-cooked ham, with breads/rolls, condiments and lettuce for sandwiches, plus some potato and macaroni salad and dessert would be fine food for a casual but very personal get-together. And who can argue with Mother Nature's springtime as the best table setting of all?

Good luck,

Kate Heyhoe

Dear Kate:

Thank you so much for your time and consideration. I am going to take your advice to buy Easter Dinners.


I hope you and your family a lovely and safe holiday.


Stephani C.


Dear Foodwine.com,

I was looking for directions for brining chicken, so I did a general web search and found you! Will definitely click on to this site frequently. I also check out several other food-related sites regularly. Although I cook mainly for myself, I love to cook and am always looking for new recipes and methods, and often share the end products (which are usually good) with some other seniors, who no longer find cooking enjoyable

Evelyn Sendecke
North Andover MA


Dear Foodwine.com,


I have been on the net for hours trying to find a simple measurement conversion, with no luck. I finally went to askjeeves and they came up with your site and sure enough you had the answer for me. As I was looking through your site I found how interesting it was. I will be here alot from now on. I enjoy cooking, but my son is a chef and will just love this site.

Thanks so much for your efforts.


Donna Ellis
Cut-n-Shoot TX


Dear Foodwine.com,

Global Gourmet its wonderful, I'm constantly exploring new sites related to cooking and I simply love yours.

Martha Martinez


Dear Foodwine.com,

Thank you. You have a great website.

Max Riddering
Davenport FL


Dear Kate,

You have a lovely site.


Mona Hinduja


Dear Foodwine.com,

Thank you so much for including me in your eGG-Roll newsletter list. I do read each and every word.

Kay LeMenager


Dear Foodwine.com,

I ordered the "Meal of the Month club" from Balducci's catalog for a Christmas gift for my parents. The total cost $359.50 was charged in my American Express in full. The Meal of the Month club consists of a total gourmet meal with desert for 2 people shipped once a month. It is shipped for the months of January-June. One meal a month. January and Feb. arrived...and when the March didn't arrive...we called 800-BALDUCCI and got a recording. Visted their web site www.balduccis.com and found out they are out of business. The stores are still open in New York....but they say their catalog division is SEPARATE! We ordered and paid for 6 months of Balducci's food....received 2 shipments. We have tried EVERYTHING to get our money back...to no avail!

I got a call from a company in charge of calling all of the irate customers, and they said I was number 200 on their list of people to call with the bad news that they were "out of luck". I am out $359.50! Balducci's retail store said it's not their problem! Can you believe that you can call 800-BALDUCCI and order Balducci's food....and be told that there is nothing Balducci's can do to remedy the situation? I know there are hundreds of people out there who ordered food from the Balducci's catalog...and are going to be out the money....we all need to do something about getting our money back!

Karen Winkler
Cypress TX


Dear Foodwine.com,

In the recipe for white chocolate-lemon truffles, Stephanie Zonis mentions a white chocolate-coconut-lime truffle she wrote about in her very first issue of I Love Chocolate. I believe the name of those were Paradise Truffles, I made them once, and have never seen the recipe since. Is is possible to get a copy of the recipe? I understand you must get thousands of requests like this, so if she can't, I understand. Thanks for your time.

Sherri Custer

Hi Sherri,

Your request for the Paradise Truffle recipe was forwarded to me (I write "I Love Chocolate"). Just click on the link.

Hope this is helpful!

Best regards,



Dear Foodwine.com,

I just wanted to thank you for helping me with my Easter problem. My hard "cooked" eggs, to be PC, always had hard, dry yolks, and rubbery whites. Since I received a computer recently, I thought that I would check for a better way to cook eggs for coloring. I came across your website and decided to follow your 12-minute recipe.

I allowed the eggs to come to a boil, and then I turned off the heat and turned on the timer, set for 12 minutes. Then once the timer went off I rushed them to a pan of cold water and cooled them completely. I am please to announce that I have just made the perfect hard "cooked" egg, I can't believe how bright and yellow the yolk was, not green and yellowish. Not to mention it tasted GREAT!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for the perfect recipe, I even added it to my recipe box so that I don't forget next time I make them.

Glad to have found your site, I look forward to more great tips and recipes!!!

Bonnie Love
Columbus, Ohio


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