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Questions & Comments


Dear Foodwine.com,

I am in the midst of a major kitchen re-do as well. Your series is not only timely, but right on target...I am in week two. This is my second re-do in four years (we moved!), so I am a bit more prepared than I was the first time around. I look forward to future installments!

Rose Pocock
Pittsfield MA


Dear Foodwine.com,

Someone out there help!! My daughter who is a senior this year has a project to cook something Swedish for her report, due might I add, next week. I cannot find any area on Swedish dishes. This can be Dessert or Main dishes. Anything!! Please Help. The teacher says NO SWEDISH MEATBALLS!! WONDER WHY??


Dear Secretary,

One of my favorite dishes is salmon gravlax—but she better get cookin' as it needs to cure for 3 days. Gravlax is actually not cooked at all, but refrigerator cured in a mixture of salt and herbs. It's fantastic sliced thin and served on small breads with cucumber or tomato slices, some cream cheese and a splash of lemon. You'll find the recipe in the Global Gourmet archives.

This is a very traditional dish that will, I suspect, thrill the teacher to no end. Please let me know how it goes.

Kate Heyhoe



I live in Canada and I have a recipe to make some fudge that I would really like to try, but the recipe says that I need a stick and a half of butter. How much is a stick? We get our butter in quarter pound blocks, not in sticks. Can you help me? (as soon as possible please, if you can...I want to make this fudge for Valentine's Day)



Dear r.lamb,

One stick of butter = 1/4 pound. I suspect that your fudge will turn out great—any recipe that uses 1-1/2 sticks of butter has got to taste great!

Kate Heyhoe


Dear Foodwine.com,

I am hoping that you can help me find a cooking school in San Francisco that offers course in May. I have to travel there from New Zealand. I have tried Shaw's guides but they do not have any schools listed for the SF area. Can you suggest any?

Kate Davenport

Dear Kate,

Try Shaw's again—I know they have multiple cooking schools listed, both professional and for home cooks...Tante Maries's, and The Culinary Institute of America's Greystone campus is near SF, but SF is a foodie mecca. Perhaps you were looking in the wrong section? Did you try their book or their online edition at Shawsguides.com?

Good luck,

Kate Heyhoe


Dear Foodwine.com,

I found your site through Dogpile.com and love it!

I've been looking for these recipes and they didn't pop up on your search menu:

dulce de chivere (sweet preserves), tamal mudo, rosquilla and polvorones

They are Costa Rican recipes. Can you help me?

Latin American Egg


Dear Catherine,

Though we generally have a few recipes from most countries, we do not have the recipes you listed. You might try searching via one of the major serach engines like Yahoo or Google, but be prepared—you may need to brush up on your Spanish as many responses will take you to sites that are exclusively in that language.

Good luck,



Dear Ms Heyhoe:

I saw your recipe and couldn't resist, I had to print it out. My complements to you on such an informative and complete instruction on making wontons!!

Thank you so much for this valuable resource.


Barbara Cleveland


Dear Kate and all others who make the site possible,

I found Global Gourmet by just surfing in months ago. It is a wonderful site which I visit often—many recipes tried so far!

The eGG-Roll is so interesting, too!

Keep up the good work!

Greetings from Germany,

Gina Michel
Muenster Germany


Global Gourmet:

I was wondering if I can use a recipe or three from your website, for our website. MustardBoys.com is a soon-to-be website for Mustard Boys brand mustards. Website staff of CP-Development.com has found that you have a couple of great mustard recipes, that taste even better with Mustard Boys!

I found some links from Foodwine.com, and would like to know if we can use between one and four of the recipes. All are focusing on mustard use, and we can add a link from our "Recipes" page to the Global Gourmet if you would like.


Charles Paul

(Editor's note: we forwarded the email above to Michele Anna Jordan, author of The Good Cook's Book of Mustard. Excerpts from the book appeared on our site in 1996 and remain in our archives.)

Hi Charles,

Yes, you can use those recipes.

Is it possible for you to give the web address where the book (The Good Cook's Book of Mustard) is available as well as the Global Gourmet? The book is hard to find these days, so it would be helpful if you could list it or link it. https://www.toyonbooks.com/Michele.html

The copyright is actually 1994, not 1996.

Write any time if you have questions or are interested in other recipes from any of my books.

All the best,

Michele Anna Jordan



Dear Ms. Caivano:

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your Pasta, Risotto and You-First Course in a Progressive Meal. There is no question I shall be making both first course recipes before or during Valentine's Day. Your style of presentation was very inviting and impeccably clear.

Dominick Iorio


Dear Foodwine.com,

I love this site!! I am in French 2 and we have to make a portfolio for a grade and this helps me out when I need to make a French food item!!

Thanks for helping me out!!

Tiffany Mangels
Davenport Iowa


Dear Foodwine.com,

Just a quick note to tell you the Capresso CoffeeTec (December prize for Gourmet Guess) was received. Again thank you for the opportunity, the great gift, and I enjoy your site!

Patricia Ainsworth


Dear Foodwine.com,

I just want to let you know how much I love this coffeemaker that I won in Gourmet Guess, and to say thank you!! I have thought about you every day since the coffeemaker arrived, and I'm sorry it's taken me so long to thank you. It is fantastic, and I really appreciate it. My whole family is now enjoying morning coffee.

Thank you so very much!!!!


Linda Ellis
Phoenix AZ



I printed out the questions for Gourmet Guess, then went looking for the answers. When I had them all, I went back to your site and entered the answers I found, without reading the questions, as I thought today was still January 31st. So I entered January's answers instead of February's. I got them all right for January.

I searched and found the answers for February, only got 9 right, but now it looks like I entered twice for February. If you can't correct the problem, I'll understand, after all it was my mistake.

June-Marie Peterson

Dear June-Marie,

Sorry, we can't change anything—the program is automated and automatically deletes duplicate email addresses. Only suggestion we can offer is that if you make a mistake, use a different email address, if possible, to resubmit your answers.

Thanks for taking the quiz!



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