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Kid Stuff

Dear Foodwine.com,

Your site is a delight. Any child would be thrilled to visit and would come away with so much! I wonder if the message board on your site Global Destinations is monitored and if you feel that the standard for the language and ideas allowed is what would be appropriate for a child to read.

Elizabeth Landes
StarshipSearch Editor
Edventions, Inc.


Dear Elizabeth,

The Message Boards on our web site are not officially monitored, though we do have volunteers who report any problems. In the past five years the worst problem reported was someone placing ads for recipes there. We promptly removed them.

As far as appropriateness for children, many of our readers who write to us are school age children who use our site as a reference for reports. As a partner with America Online, we are required to meet their family standards. You may also wish to visit our other site, Cooking with Kids.





I have purchased your book Cooking with Kids for Dummies, and found a tremendous amount of helpful information. I am a special education teacher who will be having a cooking class as part of our life skills program. I was very interested in your mention of a teacher, Catherine Pressler, who issues a knife safety certificate to her students. I would like to do the same, but am not sure exactly how to determine the correct skills. (Cooking is not my thing, even though I have managed on my own for many years.) Do you have more infromation about the skills the students had to master to receive their certificate? Also, do you know of any cooking curriculum available? I'm sure you must be very busy, and I appreciate your help.

Thank you!

Carol Andersen

Dear Carol,

Thanks for the kind words and interest. I've forwarded your email to Catherine and expect she'll reply soon. Sounds like you're doing a great job using cooking for special education. Keep up the good work!

Kate Heyhoe


Global Recipes

Dear Foodwine.com,

I wonder if you can help me. I'm a food writer, and I've been given the assignment of coming up with some recipes for Argentine holiday cooking. Unfortunately, there's not much out there. I did enjoy your article in Global Gourmet, and thought you'd be a good resource. Any suggestions you can give would be most appreciated.

Thank you so much.


Ellen Boeke

Dear Ellen,

I assume you perused the Global Destinations: Argentina area. I would also suggest The Book of Latin American Cookery by Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz.

Good luck, and thanks for contacting us!

Kate Heyhoe


Dear Foodwine.com,

Thanks so much for the wonderful service. I have to organise a dinner party for 12 next week on an Argentine theme and was desperate for recipes. I loved your Argentine page and the recipes are excellent.

Thanks so much!

Felicity Bezer fbezer*yahoo.com


Dear Foodwine.com,

I came across your recipe in the midst of an internet search for "cole slaw" a few months ago (say March, 00). I've made the cole slaw twice, enjoyed it very much. I'm in the midst of a cole-slaw craze, in fact, and have made many different types of cole slaw over the past few months. Yours is very distinctive, due (largely, I think) to the mint.


Ty Griffin
San Luis Obispo, California

Dear Ty,

I gotta thank *you*—every cook loves to get compliments, and I'm no exception. I'm glad you've found a place for my Minty Raita-Style Cole Slaw in your menus, and hope I can offer more new tastes for you in the future.

Kate Heyhoe


Dear Kate,

I have been cooking the Daurade recipe for dinners for years now and it is always fantastic.


Keryl Egan


Dear Foodwine.com,

I would like to know how I can find Korean recipes for different foods. Lived in Korea for 3 yrs, love the food.


Dear JL,

You can do two things: First, log onto globalgourmet.com, then use SEARCH feature, or click into Global Destinations and go to the KOREA section. Both will deliver a wide range of recipes.

Good luck!

Kate Heyhoe


Dear Foodwine.com,

I read with interest your recipes and articles on nigella. My family has traditionally used this in baking bread with yeast. It was also known as black seed or "russian seed." My family originated in southern Europe—Kolbuszowa Poland.


XANDARI HOTEL (xandari.com)
Costa Rica




I am pleased to find these awesome Polish recipes. My Mom was from Poland and since her death I havent been able to find her old recipes, I miss her cooking. Please put me on your mailing list.


slyvia smolenski


Dear Foodwine.com,

I actually am an American who lives in Finland and I found the pages I read to be very accurate and fun. Usually when you read sites or books on topics such as these, one wonders if the person who wrote it has ever been to the country or has any clue what they are talking about. If the other country food pages are so accurate and well written, I look forward to scanning them all!

Please keep my email address anonymous.


Global Requests

Dear Foodwine.com,

Do you know where I can purchase Mizithera Cheese? I have no idea where to get it locally.

Thank you.

Shannon Morin
Bethlehem, PA

Dear Shannon,

Mizithra cheese is a type of Greek cheese. Look for it at Greek-owned delicatessens or gourmet/specialty stores. Sometimes Middle Eastern and Italian delis carry it as well, or cheese shops.

Kate Heyhoe



I want to send some of the best recipes of Nepal. Please let me know the process.

Alaka Pradhan

Hello Alaka,

You can send us tested recipes if they are completely your own or, if you modify a published recipe, include the name of the cookbook, author and publisher.

The recipes should be in the format adopted by most cookbooks authors:

Title (with translation if not in the English language)
Introduction (if desired)
Ingredients listed in order used—with standard U.S. measurements or included equivalents
Recipe steps, in chronological order
Nutritional information (if available)




Dear Foodwine.com,

This is my first visit, and how can I not like it, I'm a chocoholic (favourites: Mozartkugeln, see www.aha.at/souvenir-christl/index_e.htm and Lindt, see www.lindt.com) which you cover, and love wines of the world (favourites: South Australian, South African and Chilean) which you cover, but have you ever considered writing about gourmet coffees of the world (like the Austrian Meinl Kaffee, see www.meinl.com/, or Peet's coffee, see www.peets.com/, who roast and deliver fresh coffee to your front door)?? Lots of roasteries provide samples to coffee lovers, and then you could add a coffee of the month category, or at least add some global coffee tips in your Global Destinations sections!! Mmmmmm! Keep up the good work! I look forward to the growth of your Global Destinations section!

Kind regards,

Renée Jones
Vienna Austria


Gourmet Guess

Dear Foodwine.com,

I do enjoy answering the trivia questions every month; I never thought I would win. Thanks so much—I can't wait to use the Kuhn Rikon Cheese and Chocolate Grater & Kuhn Rikon Duromatic Pressure Cooker.

Anton Lunder
Honolulu HI


Dear Foodwine.com,

I just wanted to write and give you a big thank you! I received my prize this week and I can't wait to use it. Things have been really busy here and I haven't been doing much home cooking, but when I do, watch out! My family is in for quite a treat.

Thank you again for having such a great contest!

Natalie Ryder


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