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Food Trends

Dear Foodwine.com,

My name is Fiona Scott and I am currently undertaking year 12 studies at Edward John Eyre High School in Whyalla, South Australia. As a part of my food and hospitality course I have to complete a independent study on "How has food trends and food presentation changed in the last 20 years in the food and hospitality industry?"

If you could send me any information at all concerning this topic I would be greatly appreciative. The sooner the better as I have deadlines to meet. Thank you for your time. I hope to hear from you soon.

Fiona Scott

Dear Fiona,

Try this site: Leite's Culinaria, which has a feature from the Chicago Sun-Times called Dining Through the Decades.

Now, would you do me a favor? I'd love to hear what you and your classmates come up with on this topic. Would you ask your teacher if it would be possible to send me the best reports via email? I'd love to share them with my readers, but only with the teacher's and students' permission (we would not include email addresses).

Good luck!

Kate Heyhoe


Chinese Etiquette

Dear Foodwine.com,

Help!! I am invited to eat dinner at the home of Taiwanese friend and his family. If my hostess were American, I would bring flowers. Is this appropriate for my Chinese hostess. Please advise because I do not want to commit a faux pas. I reallly like this family and want to show respect.

John O'Toole

Dear John,

It's been a while since I was in Taiwan, so I consulted "Do's and Taboos Around the World" by Roger E. Axtell. He says: "A small gift, such as fruit, candy or cookies is appropriate when visiting a family at home. Both hands should be used when handing a gift or other object to another person. Thank you notes are a must and appreciated." He also notes that a slight bow shows respect, but it should not be overdone. For more on Chinese dining customs, you should read the section on Hong Kong (and the one on China) in our Global Destinations. The articles on Toothpicks and Chopsticks, Seating and Dining Customs, and being a Guest may come in handy, especially if you're being served whole fish. Whatever you do, don't drop your chopstick!

Keep me posted—I can't wait to hear the menu!

Kate Heyhoe


Passionate Cook

Dear Foodwine.com,


I have been searching to find more passion in my life. Today I decided to explore and hopefully embrace cooking! I do not know how to cook. Growing up in a large family with a stay-at-home mother and 7 sisters, and always having a wife who cooked, the incentive was lacking.

Am almost 57 years old and have decided to bite the bullet! My wife is a gourmet cook but would be delighted if I became more interested and adopted cooking as a hobby.

I need direction at this point. Is there a book or magazine or article or web site that targets someone like me?

It would be wonderful if you could point me to a source or reference that helps to further kindle my interest.

Thank you.

PS: I do not wish to seek help from my wife at this point...I want to surprise her over time and essentially do it on my own.

Murdock MacSween

Dear Murdock,

Good for you! Cooking is good for body, spirit and soul. I admire your desire to jump in head first, and in fact I do have a recommendation for you...

I wrote a book called Cooking with Kids For Dummies—don't laugh! It may sound like a kid's book but it's not. I wrote it as much for parents as for young chefs, as many parents today never learned how to cook. (Sound familiar?) It takes up the entire cooking process from beginning to end, plus it has 75 recipes that are simple to make but which also fit the bill for any gourmet taste (like mine). I included a 7-chapter cooking tutorial that covers everything (with illustrations) from how to read a recipe to how to hold a knife, as well as how to julienne, dice, broil, roast, and even serve a homemade meal. You can get a preview of it at cookingwithkids.com, which has a sales link to the book at amazon.com (it has received only 5-star reviews, and lots of great comments). I wrote this book essentially for any person starting out in the kitchen, as almost no cookbooks out there have all the techniques one needs to know as well as recipes. I'm very proud of Cooking with Kids For Dummies and think it could be a very valuable resource for you. Another cookbook that you may want to get (if your wife doesn't have it already) is the new Joy of Cooking; it's the home cook's bible. And I'd also recommend How to Cook Everything, by Mark Bittman—a more recent book and just as handy.

Good luck, and let me know how it goes—I'm rooting for you and think you'll make an excellent cook. With your positive attitude and drive, you're bound to be a natural!

Kate Heyhoe


LaMalle Lament

Dear Foodwine.com,

I have searched 411, Information, Big Yellow on the Web and cannot find a web site for Lamalle Kitchenware. Could you provide me with a phone # or a web site. My last info on them is that they are located on W. 25th St. in New York City. Would they be found under some other name?

Your help is greatly appreciated!!!


Dear Reader,

I don't believe they're in existence anymore. Check with the New York telephone information (dial 411). You might try also Bridge cookware supply in Manhattan in lieu of Lamalle.

Good luck,

Kate Heyhoe


Gourmet Guess

Dear Foodwine.com,

Thanks a lot. Winning your contest is totally cool and makes my day.

I really enjoy your site. It's great.

Beth Collins
Brooklyn NY


Dear Foodwine.com,

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your site. I have been coming for a few years now...

I enjoy your monthly contest, too..and must pay you a compliment. Whoever is in charge of the contest should get a raise. I think it is the only one on the internet that is always ON TIME!!! So many sites go for days before getting their new contests up, some for weeks, literally. But you have been consistently so very prompt, I just had to say something. Someday I will win, but in the meantime, I am enjoying learning more about food and cooking.

Thanks again for the site and the contest.

Shirley Jensen
Santa Barbara, CA

Dear Shirley,


What a great way to start the day—with your email. Thanks so much for taking the time to give us some attaboys. Our production team does take pride in their work, and because of your email, they actually did get a raise (in their spirits at least). We also have terrific sponsors who not only provide expensive, creative prizes, but they (usually) get us their contest materials on time. Good luck in the Gourmet Guess contest—we wish everyone could win, but at least with ten winners a month, our game offers readers a better chance at winning than most contests do. Still, we're very glad to hear that you just enjoy playing the game as well. We do too.

Happy cooking,

Kate Heyhoe


Dear Foodwine.com,

WOW! What a pleasant suprise! Not only have I *won* something (if you're serious...you're not pulling my leg are you? *grin*)...but I've won something I *really* wanted! My coffee maker's is on its last "dregs," and I've been eyeballing the Capresso products admiringly for the last couple weeks.

While I'm feeling wonderful, let me just mention how enjoyable your monthly contest is...winning aside! Searching the internet for the answers to your often very obscure (to me, anyway) questions is fun! Often I know a couple answers right away, and of course there's always the "gimmee," but some of them are so far out in left field, it's a real challenge to my web researching skills. All that said, today is definitely my LUCKY DAY, since I'm sure many other folks submitted eligible entries.

I'll look forward to receiving and enjoying my goodies. THANK YOU!


George Comstock
Tustin CA


Dear Foodwine.com,

I just wanted to say thank you very much for the Cutco Cutlery Set I received for being a winner in April's contest. It was a beautiful set. I really enjoy your site.

Thanks again.

Deb & Rich Frischkorn
Suring WI



I just received my Cutco prize and I LOVE it! Thanks so much for such a generous and quality gift! I will get a lot of use out of them.

Thanks again!

Eileen Kelley
Baltimore MD


Dear Foodwine.com,

I am so excited to have won. I have been doing Gourmet Guess for over 3 years, back when you were eGG. Thanks so much.

I love your site, it is my favorite. Thanks again.

Fran Sparks-Fuller
Kennedale TX


War Zone

Dear Foodwine.com,

I have enjoyed Global Gourmet for almost two years now. I take great pleasure in reading Fred McMillin's WineDay and have experimented with scores of the recipes I have found on your pages. It was my belief that this site was about food and wine and the enjoyment these wonders bring.

Imagine, then, my reaction to a letter from one Ms. Dailey, a self-proclaimed Christian, who used your June Letters to the Editor page as a platform to spout a particularly virulent form of religious bigotry. While I can sympathize with Ms. Dailey for her disappointment in having missed out on the Hundred Years War, surely there must be other numerous web pages where comments such as hers are appreciated and understood. Ms. Dailey has so much of the world to read her hatred--Bosnia, Northern Ireland, Chechnya, Israel, and Kashmir come to mind--surely she can leave this page alone. It is after all dedicated to enjoying some of the Creator's more pleasurable gifts which were given with such wonderful care.

Chuck O'Brien



Dear Foodwine.com,

Hello. I just thought I would drop you guys a line and tell you that I thought you are doing an excellent job with your web site.

Justin Intrator
Streamwood, IL


Chat Schedule & Newsletter

Dear Foodwine.com,

Is there any way the average person can get a copy of the upcoming chat schedule for eGG?


Dear Reader,

The chat schedule is posted every month at AOL keyword: eGG

You can also subscribe to our newsletter by sending an email to eggmail@[email-address-removed] and putting the word subscribe in the subject and body of the email. The newsletter contains the chat schedule, our schedule of upcoming food articles, recipes, food jokes and lots of other cooking-related information.

Kate Heyhoe


Dear Foodwine.com,

Re: eGG-Roll Thank you for the most current information. Always the best!


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