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The Definitive Gourmet

Dear Foodwine.com,

I found you gave a detailed definition of "Gourmet" on your site and mentioned gourmand, but my debate with my son is the difference between Gourmet vs. gourmand...and while we're about it, are there other variants with different meanings?

Thank you,

FG Kohler

Dear FG,

According to the Oxford Companion to Food by Alan Davidson: GOURMAND—a term of French origin which usually indicates a person who is overfond of eating;greedy, a glutton. However it is sometimes used in a milder sense, simply designating someone who loves good food (like GOURMET).

GOURMET—(recapped in part)...somebody who takes a discriminating and informed interest in food.

The American Heritage Dirctionary also lists this variant: GOURMANDISE—A taste and relish for good food: "You could see the gourmandise shining on his rosy lips" (Glenway Wescott). [Middle English gromandise, gluttony, from Old French gormandise, from gormant, glutton.]

Kate Heyhoe
The Global Gourmet (not Gourmand)


Olé for Mole


I am looking for a Mexican cocoa chicken recipe. Unfortunately I could not find it on the web or in globalgourmet pages. Thanks from Hungary.


Dear ghollodi,

The Global Gourmet does have the recipe you're seeking in our Global Destinations Mexico section. But there's a slight language difference that prevented you from finding it. The recipe uses Mexican chocolate (not cocoa) and is properly called a "mole" (MO-LAY). The exact recipe is called Chicken with Mole Sauce and can be found directly at https://www.foodwine.com/recipes/chicmole.html.

Hope you enjoy it!

Valentine eGG

Kate Heyhoe


Learning to Cook

Dear Foodwine.com,

I am a kid learning how to cook—do you have anything easier?


Dear HKD29,

Sure do — I wrote the book Cooking with Kids For Dummies so that parents could get their kids cooking in the kitchen with them. You'll find some of the recipes at www.cookingwithkids.com, and for more recipes, ask your parents to buy the book. It's even got cooking lessons, a nutrition guide, shopping tips and meal plans for busy families and kids like you!

Happy Cooking!

Kate Heyhoe


Screwy Pull

Good morning!!

I was given a Screwpull Lever wine opener for my birthday last April and last evening, as I was opening a bottle of wine, one of the squeeze handles broke off. For an item costing about $100, one would think the product would be designed better. Could you tell me an address (e-mail or snail or phone) of LeCreuset company, so that I can notify them of the defective product and seek a replacement?

Thank you.

Bill Bush

Dear Bill,

You can contact their Customer Service at www.lecreuset.com. I had the same problem but they did repair my product and return it to me within a few weeks. I hope you receive the same treatment.

Kate Heyhoe

Hi Kate,

I called their office at Le Creuset (803) 943-4308 and got their customer service department. Very nice lady asked a few questions about what part of the opener broke and she said they would completely replace it free of charge. She gave me a 4-digit return authorization number. All she asked was that I send the broken opener so they could register problems and look for ways to improve future manufacturing. Very nice experience with them and appreciated that they really do seem to stand behind their excellent product.

Bill Bush


Chop Chop

Dear Foodwine.com,

We like to make our own pesto but have not yet found a machine that will chop basil leaves and pinenuts. The Little Ultra-Power Food processor which you mentioned has a 5-cup capacity with a small bowl for smaller amounts. I have been unable to find this machine anywhere on the Internet. All the models are 9-cups or larger. Can you help me?

Peter Borschberg
Nevada City CA

Dear Peter,

Try the manufacturer's page: www.kitchenaid.com. You can buy it from them there or ask about a source more local to you. It's been a great product for me (I made pesto in it last week, in fact), so I hope you find it useful too.

Kate Heyhoe


Corny and Blue

Dear Foodwine.com,

I cannot find blue corn masa harina, listed in your recipe for whole grain tortillas. Do you know of a place I can mail order it from the Internet? A company by the name of Minsa manufactures it but I can't find anyplace that sells it.


Thank you so much.

Julie Sukman

Dear Julie,

Contact the CMC Company. Their website at https://clever.net/wwwwmall/cmc is a but clunky, but you can call their mail order dept. at 800-CMC-2780 (let them know that Kate at GlobalGourmet.com sent you). Other sources come direct from New Mexico: Santa Fe School of Cooking 505/983-4511; Los Chileros de Nuevo Mexico, 505/471-6967.

Kate Heyhoe


Boring Bread

Dear Foodwine.com,

I'm new to your site. It looks great. Do you ever do anything on bread machines? I got one for Christmas and the recipes that came with it seem boring.

Eleanor McKiegan

Dear Eleanor,

What timing! In January 2000 we featured Lora Brody's famous breadmaking kits as prizes in our Gourmet Guess contest. She specializes in bread machine know-how, and her recipes and products can be found by going to our Lora Brody breadmaking kit page. Oh, and don't forget to play Gourmet Guess while you're there — you might be one of ten winners! Prizes and contest change monthly, so come back often.

Good luck!

Kate Heyhoe


Gourmet Guess Winners

Dear Foodwine.com,

Thanks for the Capresso coffee maker! We will enjoy it very much.

Great website and email newsletter. Keep up the good work.


Sue Workman
Egg Harbor WI


Dear Sirs,

Thank you so much! Right now, I don't have a coffeemaker of any kind (I do have a coffee pot, in which case the 'maker' is me.) I took your quiz because I love those things; I never thought I would win.

Thank you lots!

Sarah C. Jumel
New Orleans LA


Dear Foodwine.com,

Thank you so much! I had no idea how nice the coffemaker was until I went to the Capresso website. WOW, I've never won anything that nice before. I'm truly grateful :) The information you have, my name and address, are correct.

Toni Price


Toast for a King

Dear Foodwine.com,

I enjoy reading Fred McMillin's WineDay column. Mr. McMillin has a passion and enthusiasm for wine that clearly shows in his writing.

While reading his January 17th column I get the impression that Mr. McMillin is somewhat confused about the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Holiday. The holiday was created to celebrate the birth of Dr. King (Jan. 19), not commemorate his death (Apr. 4). So you see, this day is one of celebration.

In any case, I too agree with Fred that a toast is in order.

Paul Boeker


Koreans Invade Nevada!


I am a cook at Harrah's casino in Laughlin, NV. I cook for the employee's dining room, and we have about 50 Korean exchange student's working at Harrah's. Some of them have already been here 3 months. They are very hard working people, and they asked me if I could please try cooking some Korean food. I told them I would try to get a few recipes thru the Internet and I found your wonderful site. I asked them to give me a few name's of some dishes that I should try to get, like dongchimi, akuchiem and pulkoki — if you can please help me with recipes I will be glad to make these students happy.

Thank you for your time and any help you may offer.

Sincerely ,

Walter Fisher

Dear Walter,

We do have several Korean recipes On Foodwine.com site. Visit our Global Destinations area or go directly to the Korean section.

You can find more Korean recipes by clicking on the Search feature in the index and typing in the word Korea.

Your group of Korean students sounds great—I know what it's like to be homesick in a foreign country, so I hope they enjoy theses recipes. (By the way, my mother is Korean, so I grew up on many of these same foods).

Kate Heyhoe


Leftover Champagne?

Dear Kate:

I was looking through your site for a recipe that would use leftover champagne, perhaps in a sauce for chicken or fish?

Do you know of anything? It would be a perfect post-holiday feature for your e-zine.


Dear shan,

Thanks for the suggestion. Champagne is made from Chardonnay grapes, so you can use it any sauce where you would use Chardonnay wine. Use our Search page to find recipes. And yes, it is excellent in sauces for fish and poultry. Of course in our house, there's no such thing as leftover champagne. How did you ever break into the Millennium with such a thing? But don't worry — next year, we're all coming to your house so you won't have this problem again.

Kate Heyhoe


Spelling Bee

Dear Foodwine.com,

I think it's important to spell the recipes and recipe names correctly—for example, in the German dessert section, "Gugelhopf" as you have it, should actually be "Guglhupf". Just a suggestion for you!"

- anonymous feedback posting

Dear anonymous,

Thank you for your interest. According to Sharon Tyler Herbst's trusty reference tome, The New Food Lover's Companion, this light yeast cake may be called gugelhopf, kugelhopf, or kugelhupf, but I can find no reference to a spelling of "guglhupf."

Kate Heyhoe


Old Links Stink

Dear Foodwine.com,

I cannot get the page to open on the Eight Jewel Rice Pudding. Can you please send me the recipe? Also, do you have the recipe for Nien Goh?

Thank you for your time.


Dear Brandi,

The recipe link you mentioned is listed in the February 22, 1999 NetFood Digest column, but actually resides on another site. Netfood Digest reviews other food sites and the links to some recipes go to those other sites. That Netfood Digest review was written almost a year ago, so the site that was reviewd may no longer exist. We have over 12,000 pages on our site so we are unable to update or delete old links in dated material.

You may want to use one of the major search engines like Alta Vista or Yahoo to search for recipes you can't find via our own search engine.





I am new online and just had a chance to check out your website—thanks to the AOL Yellow Pages book I just bought my husband. I am having a ball checking the recipes. I collect cookbooks and recipes so I am currently in seventh heaven.

I would love to subscribe to any information you send out. Thank you so much.

Sharon Johnson


Dear Kate:

Just read your web site fom top to bottom and love it. Leslie Bloom alerted me to it and so glad she did. I want to subscribe to your newsletter too. What a great job you've done.


Sue Zelickson


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