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December 1999

Virtual World Tour & Progressive Feast

Foie Gras in France

Desserts in Deutschland (Germany)

Italy: Angels on Strings (Venice)

Holy Lands: Holiday Soul Food (Jerusalem)


November 1999

Holiday Gift Ideas: "Seasoned" Greetings

Virtual World Tour & Progressive Feast

A Turkish Roast-Turkey (Turkey)

Eating Like an Egyptian (Egypt)

Spicy Chaat & a Cuppa Chai (India)


October 1999

Virtual World Tour & Progressive Feast

Feast of the Hungry Ghosts (China)

The Monkey Feast (Thailand)

From Moon Cakes to Pancakes (Vietnam)

Mad About the Mandu (Korea)

Nimble Nibbling (Japan)


September 1999

Introduction to the Virtual World Tour & Progressive Feast

Sushi Rice 101

Jewish Holiday Recipes

Summer Don't Go!


July-August 1999

Summer Cookbooks


June 1999

South of the Border Salads & Salsas

Muy Sabroso! Southwestern Snacks

Awesome Eggs and Powerful Papas

The South American Grill


May 1999

Greek Summer Supper

White Beans for Summer

Chicken Paillard Party

Finger Foods: Stuffed Artichokes & Antipasti

Flame Free Treats & Easy Menus for Kids and Dads


April 1999

Cooking with Kids For Dummies

Rice Vinegar: My Secret Ingredient

Party Food: The Book

Egg-straordinary Recipes Using Hard Cooked Eggs


March 1999

Easter Egg Fun

Essential Easter & Passover Buffets

Potato Pancakes for St. Paddy's and Passover

Irish Leg of Lamb Feast


February 1999

Each Favorite Friend column includes cookbook profiles & recipes.

Favorite Friends Month: Martin Yan

Favorite Friends Month: Barbara Tropp

Favorite Friends Month: Marcel Desaulniers

Favorite Friends Month: Nick Malgieri & "Chocolate"


January 1999

Miami Spice

Cheerleaders' Chowder Bowl

Puffy Pot Pie Play-Offs

Touchdown Pass-the-Pasta Bowl

Super "Bowl" Food


December 1998

Festive But Faux Caviars

Christmas Weekend Salmon Gravlax

Easy, Exotic Indian Buffet for Eight

Wine & Cheese-Spread Party


November 1998

Exotic Encores with Luscious Leftovers

Portable Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Asian Vegetable Medley

Dishes with Oranges & Persian Flavors

Breads of the Americas


October 1998

Black Magic Month

Last Minute Devilish Dips & Days of the Dead

Seasonings of the Witch

Witch Doctor's Delight

Halloween Countdown

Wonton of Fun


September 1998

Napa Cabbage

Succulent Chicken

Heavenly Hazelnuts

Cooking with Kids...Italian Style


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