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Kate features classic cocktail appetizers in her new book Great Bar Food At Home; plus get prepared for Halloween and Days of the Dead; discover a smarter crock pot; taste a delicious Avocado Oil; and sample guilt-free organic chocolates. Also, don't miss What to Eat This Month.

Kate Heyhoe
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Great Bar Food at Home

by Kate Heyhoe

Great Bar Food At Home

Kate's Newest Book!

"This is not a book about how to mix drinks. It's about what to eat after the drinks are mixed, poured, or uncapped. These recipes are stress-free, easy, and meant to be made and eaten casually. Their appeal lies in their robust flavors, serving simplicity, and the way the recipes complement beverages. They're the same type of tasty nibbles found at all the best bars—and they can look and taste just as tempting, even when made at home."
—from Great Bar Food at Home

I love cocktail fare, even when I'm not drinking. Puffy little Gougère, robust Garlic Fries, and 21 Club's Crab Cakes never fail to hit the spot, and I adore yummy Tangerine Yakitori, Saffron Queso Flameado, Ghee-Toasted Almonds, and Spanish Smoked Paprika Wings. But here's why I wrote this book: At home, when you're the bartender, cook, and patron all rolled into one, only certain types of bar food make sense: ones that can be made in advance, or require just a quick heat or reheat; seasoned tidbits poured into a dish and eaten with fingers; or perhaps a small, simple plate served as a snack or light meal. That's what you'll find in Great Bar Food at Home. So dim the lights, pull up a stool, and pour a drink. Rack up the CD's or beam down the Big Game. Then relax and enjoy the evening with Great Bar Food at Home. Life is good. Buy it now—and explore the excerpts at Great Bar Food. With legends and lore from the world's great bar scenes, stylish design, and 28 gorgeous color photos, it's a classy gift, and just the right size to carry on-board during holiday travel. It's how we would all love to eat every day, and now we can!

Visit Great Bar Food for sample recipes, excerpts, reviews and more!

Kate Heyhoe

Dead Cowboy

Party On! with the Days of the Dead

"Yanqui's" typically celebrate Halloween, but south of the border, the biggest celebrations of the year follow Halloween and are known as the Days of the Dead.

November 1 and 2 are the Days of the Dead, when the souls of the departed return to join their families and friends in the land of the living. It is a joyous time, without the tears which can make the return pathway slippery. Skeletons, skulls and red devils are depicted happily cavorting. Even the holiday foods, the sugar candies and the breads, are molded to look like "La Calavera"-the skeleton of death. Discover more about the customs, Pan de Muerto, All Saints' Day Bread, and other recipes at Days of the Dead.

Crock Pot

Finally! A Smarter Crock-Pot

When a recipe calls for sautéing or browning foods in a skillet before transferring them to a slow cooker, I usually skip it. Why not just use a Dutch oven for all-in-one cooking? But now I've got a new kitchen helper. With the Crock-Pot® Versaware Pro's removable insert, you can brown on a gas or electric burner (using a metal tempering rack, included), and then plop the insert into the slow cooker housing. Granted, the browning step could be more efficient (you need to start heating on low, then build up to medium; the insert can't be used over high heat). But even with these limitations, I get enough caramelization started to wind up with deeply browned exteriors, as the slow cooker then builds on the browning process while the food gently cooks. Plus, the insert can go into the microwave, refrigerator, oven, and dishwasher as well. This crock-pot has definitely replaced my old ones. I've not used it long enough to see how well it endures over time, but so far it's been a winner. It comes in 5 and 6 quart sizes.

Crock-Pot® Versaware Pro

Blood Orange Avocado Oil

Avocado Oil Sparkles
with Citrus and Herbs

Add this to your inventory of sexy oils: award-winning Blood Orange Avocado Oil, by Pacifica Culinaria. Just a few drops on bread, fish, or salad brighten up the whole meal. Try any of their nine infusions, like Key Lime or Tuscan Herb, or go Natural. Avocado oil is rich in Vitamin E, high in monounsaturated fats (the good ones), has a high smoking point (500 degrees F), a beautiful dark green complexion and a buttery flavor, and the Pacifica Culinaria brand is one of the best I've tasted. Delicious idea: Oven fries, coated with their Roasted Garlic Avocado Oil, and finished with a melted layer of shredded Cheddar cheese, and ultra-sexy sea salt.

Blood Orange Avocado Oil

chocolates brings practical green solutions to the kitchen-conscious, and is the evolving companion to my upcoming book, New Green Basics: Greener Ways to Cook, Shop, and Clean. At my New Green Basics blog, you'll discover food-related items like...

Sweet Earth Chocolates: True Good-ies

These sweet little bites bring new meaning to the concept of 100 percent guilt-free indulgence: they're entirely Fair Trade, all organic, and some are even vegan. (not to mention dark chocolate's salubrious benefits.) Plus, a portion of Sweet Earth Chocolates' proceeds aid West African farmers. (more at New Green Basics)

Rustic Tortilla Soup
Rustic Tortilla Soup

What to Eat This Month

Chicken of the Month

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