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December 2004

Graduated Cookery for 2005

Virgin Cocktails and Virile Libations

Holiday Light: Veggie Dips 'n' Wonton Chips

Nuts to You: The Process of Toasting Nuts

Christmas Cheer For Cooks: Gift Guide 2004


November 2004

Gathering the Tribe: From Pilgrims to Powwows

Holiday Cooking with Kids

Go Fig-ure: The Beauty of Figs

Thanksgiving Headquarters


October 2004

I Ain't No Vampire ('Cause Garlic Tastes Good to Me)

A Kinder, Gentler Halloween

Slow Cooker, Crock-Pot Round-Up

Odd and Unusual Cooking Techniques

99 Bottles of Beer, Hurrah!


September 2004

Refreshing Rosemary

The Value of Vinegar

Mango Up

Why Texas, or Better Yet, Why Not?


Note: Kate's Global Kitchen was on vacation in July and August 2004


June 2004

You Say Lycopene. Now, I Say Watermelon!

You Say Lycopene, I Say Tomato

Fueling Up for Dad's Day

Elated by the Elote


May 2004

Memorial Day: Food in Hand

Kandy Pineapple

Fishing for Yankees

The Brilliance of Bamboo


April 2004

Cinco de Mayo: A Fiesta of Tortillas

Maximum Cheese

A Russet a Day

Lamb in New Clothes

Easter & Passover Special


March 2004

Pasta Perfect, from Zingerman's

The Second Season of Entertaining: Bring. It. On.

Irish Hens for Paddy

Springing for Mustard


February 2004

James Beard's Protégés

A N'awlins' Mardi Gras Meal

Food Fights For Fun and Love

Candy is Dandy! But Is It Politically Correct?


January 2004

Super Bowl: The Big Crunch

The Really BIG Stories of 2003

MACHO NACHOS: Kate's Book of Love

Pampered Pets—and People, Too!

Hot Off the Presses: Kate's Newest Books


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