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Holiday Light:
Veggie Dips 'n' Wonton Chips

by Kate Heyhoe


Holiday parties, finger foods and expanding waistlines seem to go together, but they don't have to. The savory snacks recipes below make sumptuous alternatives to heavy cheese dips and deep-fried chips. They're just filling enough to keep your guests from crashing the kitchen, but not so dense as to take away from the main event. Enjoy them in winter as healthier holiday fare, and in a few hot months from now, serve them as refreshing summertime treats.


What's the key to making lighter dips, without sacrificing flavor? Vegetables! All mixed up with exotic spices and tangy seasonings. And while everyone knows that baked chips are healthier than fried ones, they often taste like cardboard. But not these golden, crunchy wonton skins sprinkled with crisp sesame, poppy, cumin and caraway seeds. They're so satisfying you don't even need a dip to accompany them-but why waste such a delectable opportunity to get your veggies?


Lighter Dip and Chip Recipes

Seeded Wonton Crisps with Spicy Moroccan Carrot Dip
Asian Crudités
Chunky Curry Dip
Coconut Chips
Red Flame Salsa
Two-Minute Black Bean Dip
Yogurt and Cucumber Dip


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