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Why do I love nachos? Let me count the ways...

Nachos crunch.
You can make them in minutes.
As flavors go, they're as versatile as pizza.
They're simpler to make than pizza.
They're finger food.
They're covered with melted cheese.
They're simply irresistible.

Macho Nachos
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Nachos are a fifth food group, as everyone knows. I grew up in Texas, where nachos debuted. But true nachos aren't the gooey, gloppy stuff of ballparks and mini-marts. Real nachos are macho, made with quality ingredients and fresh flavors.

So, after years of making traditional nachos, with chips, cheese, and usually beans, I decided to branch out and give my nachos a true "Global Gourmet" spin. What a revelation! Nachos don't have to be Tex-Mex (though there's nothing wrong with that variety at all). With a little creativity, these infinitely satisfying snacks can be so much more. And, really tasty nachos are as welcome at a black-tie affair as they are at a ballgame.

The result of my recipe revelations is my newest book: MACHO NACHOS: 50 Toppings, Salsas, and Spreads for Irresistible Snacks and Light Meals. The nachos in this book offer the utmost in variety. From Jamaican Spice Nachos with Watermelon Salsa, to Nachos de Carnitas, Chinese Firecracker Nachos, and even Dulce de Leche Nachos with Red-Hot Honey.

Macho Nachos even looks like a party: Over half the book is printed in bright color with vivid photos, styled and shot by myself and Thomas Way. With a nifty hardback cover, it's the perfect gift for every occasion (including birthdays, Valentine's, Lunar New Year, Fathers' Day, and Graduation).

And don't forget Super Bowl! Any festivity, or just a casual evening at home, will be far more fun with this book's crunchable, munchable treats.

So fire up your ovens, grab the chips, and haul out the napkins. It's time to make Macho Nacho love!


50 Toppings, Salsas, and Spreads for Irresistible Snacks and Light Meals

Sample Recipes

Buy the Book: Amazon - Apple


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