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Lemon Verbena Sugar "Pesto"

by Kate Heyhoe


I read about this versatile combination in Jerry Traunfeld's excellent The Herbfarm Cookbook. Known also as a conserve, it's an excellent way to preserve lemon verbena and can be endlessly adapted. I have a hunch you can spread it on salmon in the final minutes of broiling, for a lemony sweet glaze, or glazed on a baked ham, but haven't actually tried these methods (let me know if anyone out there does).


In a food processor, purée one part lemon verbena leaves (lightly packed when measuring) with two parts sugar. Traunfeld suggests processing until the mixture forms a smooth paste, but I stop when it retains just a small bit of texture (1 to 2 minutes). Refrigerate or freeze until ready to use.

Traunfeld recommends mixing the "pesto" with a small amount of water to create a syrup or sorbet, or adding to milk for ice cream, or other dessert sauces.

Personally, I like to macerate sliced fresh fruit and berries with a small spoonful of the mixture, anywhere from 5 minutes to 6 hours, refrigerated. It sounds odd, but a light touch of salt brings out the flavors of the fruit, sugar, and herb. For a tarter flavor, sprinkle in a few drops of good quality balsamic vinegar, or accent the lemony taste with a pinch of powdered ginger. This works especially well with peaches, berries, and nectarines, and makes a mixed summer fruit salad shine. The lemon verbena acts as a refreshing alternative to mint.


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