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Asparagus a Dozen Ways

by Kate Heyhoe

This season's asparagus crops have been especially tasty, plentiful, and so far, affordable. After the first month of the harvest, I've pretty much gorged myself on plain, simple steamed asparagus, with just butter and perhaps a shot of lemon juice.

By now, I'm ready to embark on a more adventurous culinary journey with these luscious green spears. I'm tossing asparagus into pastas, risotti, and salads. Steaming gives way to roasting, baking, and blanching. Flavorings range from Asian sesame to Italian gorgonzola.


In addition to the dozen recipes below, try serving aspargus in other ways, such as:

  • with a splash of truffle oil
  • on a pizza
  • in a frittata or omelet
  • as a creamy soup
  • in a clear Asian broth
  • in a stir fry
  • in a curry
  • in a sandwich
  • wrapped in prosciutto
  • baked in puff pastry
  • in a chicken pot pie...

Another amazing thing about asparagus: Unlike broccoli, it never seems to be scorned. I'm sure some people out there don't favor asparagus, but I have yet to meet one knowingly. So, whether you're enjoying it for yourself or serving it to others, fresh spring asparagus is the perfect guest, at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

    A Dozen Asparagus Recipes

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