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Ten Tips for Eating Out...Healthfully

by Linda Gassenheimer
Author of Low Carb Meals in Minutes, More Low Carb Meals in Minutes and Dinner in Minutes

We all eat out...some 60% of our meals. But can we eat out healthfully and without picking up extra pounds? Here are my tips:

• Beware the breadbasket. Ask for it only when the main course is brought-or not at all.

• For fast food, order grilled meats or fish. Toss the roll or at least the top half and eat as open-faced sandwich. Add dressings sparingly.

• Don't go out starved. Have a low-carbohydrate snack beforehand. This will help you resist the breadbasket the moment you sit down.

• Don't go out for cocktails on an empty stomach. Again, have a low-carb snack beforehand. If it's a long cocktail hour, start with a diet soft drink or sparkling water before ordering alcohol.

• Ask for salad dressing on the side and dip your salad lightly into the dressing.

• Order your meat entrée with two vegetables instead of a vegetable and a starch.

• Avoid all deep fried foods.

• Chinese food can be loaded with sugar. Avoid thick sauces and noodles. Instead, order stir-fried meats and vegetables.

• Italian doesn't have to mean a huge bowl of pasta. Order an antipasta platter, or meat, salad and vegetables.

• Mexican food and Tex-Mex food can be low carb and low fat. Order a fajita. Eat one tortilla with grilled meat and vegetables. Eat the remaining meat and vegetables separately. Use salsa and avoid nachos and rice.


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