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Long-time readers of Global Gourmet, ones who knew us when we were originally called The eGG (electronic Gourmet Guide) will remember Linda Gassenheimer as one of our most popular writers and hosts. For those of you who don't recognize the name, Linda "Dinner in Minutes" Gassenheimer is a nationally syndicated food columnist, radio host, and author of award-winning cookbooks and food articles.


Linda's most recent book, More Low-Carb Meals in Minutes, feeds us second helpings of her strategy for eating healthy without sacrificing flavor. Published just months after her book Low-Carb Meals in Minutes streaked to the top of Amazon's bestseller list, this sequel proves that lusciously delicious low-carb dining can be a true lifestyle, not just a handful of recipes.

I've always been impressed with Linda's no-nonsense approach to healthy cooking, without gimmicks or fads. At the same time, I know she could never imagine sacrificing flavor for any reason. She's one of the busiest food writers and producers, jetting from continent to continent or dashing off to yet another speaking engagement. So it's no wonder then that she has virtually trademarked a Holy Trinity of cooking: speed, health, and delicious food. Her policy: limit carbohydrates, include lean proteins and fiber, and eventually re-introduce carbohydrates without weight gain. Hers is a truly balanced way of eating, far more so than other low-carb and low-fat diets.

Whether you're seeking a heart-healthy regime or a way to shed pounds, Linda Gassenheimer's Low-Carb Meals in Minutes and More Low-Carb Meals in Minutes have everything you need to know. You can even get jump-started into the low-carb lifestyle and then build it into a regular way of life. In the articles below, Linda explains her approach in more detail, and be sure to try for yourself the sample recipes from her books, to see just how tasty a healthy low-carb life can be.


More Low-Carb Meals in Minutes

About the Book


Tuscan Chicken with Tomato-Basil Relish
Toasted Almond Broccoli
Greek Shrimp with Feta
Romaine and Fresh Cabbage Salad

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