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Pomegranate in a Bottle

by Kate Heyhoe

It seems like just a few years ago chefs were dumping pomegranate molasses (also known as pomegranate concentrate and sometimes pomegranate syrup) into everything on the menu, to the point of overkill. As trends come and go, the fashionable pomegranate molasses still seems to have a pulse, though like pesto, it's not quite as sexy as it once was. But it's still one of my favorite ingredients.


What a shame to think that pomegranate is but a trendy or seasonal flavor. The ten-ounce bottle I keep in my pantry always rescues me when I'm looking for an unusual ingredient for accenting a roast or seasoning a salad. And in Persian or Middle Eastern cooking, pomegranates provide authentic pizzazz.

Fresh pomegranates have a short season, September through December, but bottles of concentrated and regular juice are available year round in Middle Eastern markets. The simultaneously tart and sweet essence can be thinned to the consistency or intensity you desire with just a bit of water or other liquid. Be aware though that with all ingredients containing natural or added sugars (including ketchup, barbecue sauce, and orange juice), the sugars will burn if cooked too long or at too high a temperature.

Listed below are California's Pomegranate Council recipes using pomegranate juice, and other tasty recipes featuring pomegranate molasses. They're perfect for perking up a dull winter day.

Note: If you don't have pomegranate juice, dilute 1/4 cup pomegranate molasses with 3/4 cup water as a substitute.

Pomegranate Concentrate Recipes

Syrian Lentils with Lemon & Pomegranate
Duck and Pomegranate Tacos
Pomegranate Dressing for Spinach & Pine Nut Salad

Pomegranate Juice Recipes from the Pomegranate Council

Pomegranate-Honey Roasted Game Hens
Pomegranate-Marinated Rack of Lamb
Pomegranate Pink Jade
Spiced Pomegranate-Apple Cider
Pomegranate Parfait


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