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Chicken in a Global Bowl:
Broths & Soups

Despite the many written definitions, stocks are, in common usage, generally considered long-simmered base ingredients, used to add richness to other dishes, including soups. Broths are themselves a type of soup. Ever notice how many recipes call for "stock or broth?" This indicates the two are interchangeable, although the former is generally preferred for its rich flavor and body, with the underlying suggestion that a broth may be substituted in a pinch. Stocks, though simple to make, can be quite time consuming. On the other hand, a homemade broth is usually made from the same ingredients, though with fewer bones and is cooked for a shorter period of time. Soup

Stock or broth. Forget the nomenclature and focus on the end result. Despite what many cookbook authors would have you believe, I find there is no single best way to make broth. There are, in fact, many methods used in cultures around the globe, and the recipes below represent a quick and easy method that results in flavorful broth and chicken meat that is cooked through but not dried out. Use the chicken for sandwiches or other dishes, or shred the meat into the broth to create a hearty soup.

Whether it's called a stock, broth, or soup, the ultimate foundation of cooking wisdom applies: if it's made from scratch, with pure, fresh ingredients, you simply can't lose. These recipes are excerpted from my book A Chicken in Every Pot: Global Recipes for the World's Most Popular Bird, which was released in Fall, 2003 (Capital Books).



Lemony Garlic Chicken & Broth

Mexican Poached Chicken & Broth


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