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Affordable New Year Nibbles

by Kate Heyhoe

Caviar is out. Decadence is dead—at least for the moment. With the current state of the economy and world conditions, I anticipate more people will be ringing in the New Year on a budget. Even without a fiscal crisis, cozy celebrations at home, with family and close friends, have always seemed more appealing to me than bar bashes and wild revelry. Chicken

I'm not a late night person. I can't even make it until Letterman or Leno on the West Coast. Fortunately, we subscribe to the East Coast stations in our satellite system. Now, living in the Pacific Time Zone, I can not only watch late night television and be in bed by 10 PM PT, but I can celebrate New Year's Eve live at 9:00 PM, with New Yorkers, and trundle off to bed at a decent hour, letting the more capable youngsters and die-hards welcome in the West Coast midnight hour.

Whether you're planning a New Year's Eve menu to endure the night, or need a few nibbles on New Year's Day, I've created some easy to fix bites that taste rich and lively, even though they can all be made for less than the cost of a small tin of caviar.

These recipes come from my new book, due out in fall 2003: A Chicken in Every Pot: Global Recipes for the World's Most Popular Bird. They're my way of celebrating the New Year with all of you. Thanks for reading the Global Gourmet, and have a happy, healthy New Year—in whatever time zone you choose.


Kate's New Year Nibbles


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