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Holiday Cookies

by Kate Heyhoe


Last Christmas, our Czechoslovakian neighbor Kathy Nuss shared some of the most unbelievable homemade cookies with us. Kathy's not a gourmet cook, but these cookies were as professional as any European bakery might produce, maybe even better. They were buttery, light, just sweet enough, and perfectly shaped as stars, rings, rounds, some filled with nuts, others dusted with powdered sugar. She had learned to make them from her mother-in-law back in Austria, having relocated there as a child, and every year since then, she makes them for her family and friends today.

I am not a cookie-maker, but I am a cookie-eater. I appreciate the love and attention that goes into making cookies, though it's not an art I practice personally. I leave it to those who do it well, like Kathy.

But cookies don't have to be perfect to be appreciated. All cookies, made with loving hands and good ingredients, make a statement that says "I care about you." Think of all the cookies sent by moms, sisters, and family to servicemen overseas, how much they've meant, even if the cookies arrived as crumbs and broken bits. Or how cookies crafted by children with odd shapes, or crooked smiles express joy and sweetness that goes beyond sugar.


Cookie making is both an art and a holiday tradition in many cultures. I've assembled below a cookie assortment for holiday cheer, ranging from variations on seasonal favorites like coconut macaroons and shortbread, to ever-popular chocolate chippers and peanut butter cookies. Send them to someone you love, including yourself. Happy holidays!


Holiday Cookie Recipes


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