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Thanksgiving Headquarters

Calling all cooks! This is your Thanksgiving Headquarters—everything you need to know about turkeys, stuffings, side dishes and desserts. Whether you're cooking your first or your fortieth Thanksgiving, we've got all the how-to's, kitchen tips, and recipes right here.

For a traditional turkey dinner, don't miss the Perfect Turkey Handbook and the Thanksgiving No-Brainer. If you want to do something different for Thanksgiving, scan further down this page for links to some alternatives. In either case, we make it easy to have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Kate Heyhoe

Thanksgiving Headquarters  

The Perfect Turkey Handbook


Preface: Safety Tips Before Cooking
Chapter 1. Buying a Turkey
Chapter 2. Storing an Uncooked Turkey
Chapter 3. Thawing a Frozen Turkey
Chapter 4. Stuffing a Turkey (or Not)
Chapter 5: Preparing the Turkey for Roasting
Chapter 6: Roasting the Turkey
Chapter 7: How to Tell When It's Done
Chapter 8: Making the Gravy
Chapter 9: Carving the Bird
Chapter 10: Storing Leftovers & Food Safety After Cooking
Using a Meat Thermometer


The Thanksgiving No-Brainer


A Step-by Step Guide to a Complete Meal in Four Hours
About the Thanksgiving No-Brainer
A Thanksgiving Celebration: Menu & Invitation
The Thanksgiving Shopping List
Batterie de Cuisine
Timetable For a Thanksgiving Dinner
Cornbread-Water Chestnut Dressing
Herb Seasoned Roast Turkey
Cranberry-Orange Relish
Quick Turkey Stock
Giblet Gravy
Green Beans & Pecans Salad


Kate's Global Kitchen Thanksgiving Columns

Autumn Side Dishes: Harvest Jewels

The Meatless Holiday Table

My, My American Pie: Pie-Making Pointers
          Includes Award-Winning Pie Recipes

Stuffing Tips and Free-Form Techniques, including:
          Aloha Bread and Macademia Stuffing
          French Apple-Walnut-Rosemary Stuffing

Better Tasting Turkeys: Drowning and Browning the Bird
          Alice Waters' Brined Turkey
          Father Orsini's Roast, Stuffed Turkey with Bacon

Turkey + 3 Ingredients = Luscious Leftovers
          Mooshu Turkey
          Turkey in Saffron Cream Sauce

Portable Thanksgiving Side-Dishes

Breads of the Americas
Dishes with Oranges and Persian Flavors
Asian Vegetable Medley
Exotic Encores with Luscious Leftovers

A Turkish Roast Turkey


Thanksgiving Cookbooks

The Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving 101

Mongolian Turkey and Broccoli Stir-Fry
Turkey Tetrazzini Gratin

Chef Jimmy Schmidt's Turkey Recipes:

Roast Turkey
Roast Turkey with Maple Glaze, Pears & Bourbon
Roast Breast of Turkey with Apple Cider


Other Recipes

Pheasants and Other Turkey Alternatives
Recipes to cook your goose—or your duck, pheasant or guinea hen

Smashing Pumpkins...and Other Culinary Acts
A collection of pumpkin recipes


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