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Meaty Marinades for Beefy Dads

by Kate Heyhoe


Beef My family doctor looks like he just got off the plane from Bombay. Though he was born in this country, his parents are both from India. His handsome dark skin has a touch of olive in it, his obsidian eyes are large and deep, and when he speaks, I always expect to hear that lovely lilting accent common to native East Indians. But he speaks as I do, carefree Californian.

Dr. D's wife is also Indian, and their two daughters look more native to Delhi than does Madhur Jaffrey, the famous actress and cookbook author. In hopes of getting some tips on Indian cooking, I once asked my doctor if he enjoyed Indian food and if his wife cooked it at home. "Not really," he replied, "I'm more a meat and potatoes man."

What is it about men and meat? My own brother and devoted father of a nine-year-old girl is happiest when an inch-thick Texas T-bone is plunked down in front of him. Even the most successful cookbooks on meat are written by—you guessed it—men. Merle Ellis, Bruce Aidells and Denis Kelley, Chris Schlesinger and John Willoughby, and William Rice top the list of great red-flesh-recipe writers.

Some men don't have the carnivore gene, or at least not in the same drive. Still, June being Father's Day month, I thought I'd share some of the meatiest marinade recipes I know—including ones with Asian, Mexican and Italian flavors (sorry, no East Indian steaks included).


Beefy Steak Recipes

Basic Mixed Grill Marinade

Chile Rubbed, Grilled Rib Eye Steak

Nogales Steak Tacos

Scored Steak with Garlic and Rosemary

Steak in Indonesian-Java Marinade

Teriyaki Barbecue Marinade

The Only Marinade You'll Ever Need


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