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December 2001

Famous Last Words: The Lighter Side of Food (includes Cozy New Year's Recipes)

Nutmeg: A Gift from Grenada

A Praline Primer

The Elemental Crème Anglaise

Holiday Headquarters: Food Gifts & Festive Recipes


November 2001

"I Love You" Breakfasts

Autumn Side Dishes: Harvest Jewels

The Meatless Holiday Table

Thanksgiving A-Z


October 2001

Mac 'n' Cheese Makeovers

Monkeying with Menudo Mix

Tropical Fruits

Black Magic Month: Halloween Count-Down


September 2001

The Misleading Curry Leaf

Haiku Contest Winners

Smokin' Rosemary

Last Blast Gazpacho

Scoring Points


Kate's Global Kitchen was on vacation in July-August 2001


June 2001

Timelines & A Timely Menu

Macho Nachos: Fiesta Food for Dad's 'n' Grads

Cooking with Jazz, Dakota-Style

One Husky Little Tomato: Mexico's Tomatillo Unwrapped


May 2001

Memorial Day Mixed Grill

Remembering the Sandwich: Great Moments, Great Sandwiches in History

Mama's Savory Dutch Babies

Energy Synergy: Beating the Power Crunch


April 2001

Little Korean Dishes

Dining with Joe...Cooking with Coffee

Cures for the Spring Ham-Over

Wild Sex, Death, and Guilt-free Dining


March 2001

Part 9—The Kitchen is Served: The Cook's Final Tips

Part 8—From Floor to Finish

Part 7—Countertops: It's a Material World

Part 6—Cabinets Arrive! The Fun Begins...

Part 5—From Demolition to Drywall


February 2001

Part 4—Experts from Heaven—and from Hell: Getting Advice from Cabinet and Lighting Pro's

Part 3—Major Appliances: The Ultimate Power Tools

Part 2—The Good, the Bad, the Ugly: Remodeling 101

Part 1—FoodWine's Kitchen Remodel


January 2001

FoodWine's Kitchen Remodel: Introduction

Asian New Year: Honoring the Kitchen God

Mellow Yellow: A Saffron FAQ

The Global Meatball


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